Aadi Velli

Aadi Velli commemorates auspicious Fridays of Tamil month. This day is of great implication for women.  Aadi Velli is celebrated in the holy Aadi month. There are five Fridays in the Aadi month that find a promising place in the Aadi Velli festivities. The Aadi month’s Fridays fall from 17 July to 14 August.

Significance of Aadi Velli

The great mythology says that in Aadi Velli month, the supreme goddess Shaki is embodied as Goddess Pachai Amma. Aadi month marks the sun’s transition into the cancer sign safeguarded by the moon’s activity. This festival stresses the monsoon arrival. The ruler of the moon is dedicatedly worshipped in the sacred Aadi month.

Rituals of Aadi Velli

The first Friday of Aadi Velli is dedicated to the great Goddess Swarnambika. She is worshipped as the goddess Parvati. On the first Friday of the nurturing Aadi month, worshippers seek blessings of Lord Parvati by observing fast for her and doing puja ceremonies. The second Friday marks the importance of Goddess Kali, the most ferocious and bold Hindu goddess. Worshipping her with full-fledged arrangements on the second Friday will invite prosperity and intelligence in one’s life. The third Friday is devoted to goddess Kalikambal who is nurtured in the form of supreme godhead Parvati. Kalikambal is the prominent goddess of courage and temperament and bolsters vitality in the life of devotees. On the fourth Friday of the sacred Aadi Velli, we worship Kamakshi Amman, the goddess of relationships. She shields the turbulent relationships and makes them more healthy and positive. The fifth Friday of the Aadi month is devoted to the goddess Lakshmi. Observing the worship of goddess Lakshmi on this day brings more financial stability and economic booms in the lives of people.

People observe fast on all these Fridays to please the goddess and extract the rich benefits of great Aadi month. Kadalai Paruppu Prasad, Sakkarai Pongal, Akkaravadisal and Thengai Poorna prasad are prepared on this day. The worship of Adi Velli does not only take place on Fridays but also on Tuesdays and Sundays. One of the main things to remember while observing Aadi Velli ceremonies is that no auspicious occasion, including weddings, occurs in the Aadi month. The month is dedicated to the moon’s ruler. Thus it is not the appropriate time to conduct weddings and other important occasions.

Boons of Aadi Velli

Aadi Velli celebrates the distinguished goddesses of our mythology. Their blessings can bring in zillions of benefits in the lives of faithful devotees. Following are the significant windfalls of celebrating Aadi Velli-

  • Aadi Velli celebrations boost positivity and prosperity in the house.
  • Aadi Velli festivities help individuals become more intelligent. The positive energies of the auspicious Aadi month help in assimilating wisdom.
  • One can tackle the problems and complications of lives quite easily by seeking God’s blessings in the months of Aadi.
  • Aadi Velli celebrations promote general, physical, mental and social well being.
  • Worshippers can pray for their family’s good health on Aadi Velli. The positive forces of the month promote happiness and goodness in a family.
  • People wanting to achieve incredible feats in life must observe Aadi Velli with great dedication and enthusiasm.
  • The Aadi Velli festival marks the significance of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Worshippers can seek their divine blessings. Their blessings help in promoting financial stability and prosperity in the devotee’s life.
  • People facing catastrophic events in relationships must observe the Aadi Velli with firm dedication.

Celebrate Aadi Velli’s great prosperity and arrangements and seek pious bliss. The festival is of great importance, and it brings a plethora of windfalls to the worshipers’ lives.