About Sita Navami


About Sita Navami

The birth anniversary of Goddess Sita is celebrated as Sita Navami. Later, Sita Married to Lord Rama on the same Navami Day, so the day is also called as Sita jayanthi. Some places of India it is also called as Janaki Navami because of Goddess Sita’s another name is Janaki (daughter of Janaka Maharaj).

Sita Navami is celebrated on the Navami tithi (9th day) during Shukla Paksha according to the Hindu month of Vaishaka. Goddess Sita was born on Navami (Tuesday in Pushya Nakshatra it is believed). Goddess Sita was married to Lord Rama who was also coincidentally born on the same Navami Tithi (day) of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra Month. According to the Hindu calendar Sita Jayanti falls exactly after One month of Rama Navami.

There are many rituals where women preserve fasts to different Gods to get bestows for the long Life of their Husbands. One such auspicious and important Day is Sita Jayanthi. Goddess Sita is known for her sincerity, purity, loyalty and morality, braveness. She is regarded as the role model of wifely love and adherence to duty.

Story About Sita Navami

Legends evinces that Sita is the rebirth of Vedavati. Vedavati is the reverent Woman who wants to marry Lord Vishnu as per the wish of her father the Great Brahmarishi Kusadhvaja. She is in Deep Tapas to become a consort of Lord Vishnu, at that time Ravana the king of Lanka obsessed by the beauty and tried to outrage her. Vedavathi escaped from Ravana and jumped into the fire, as she is in the tapas, so she didn’t curse Ravana but she said that she will take rebirth to destroy Ravana.

Vedavati took rebirth as the daughter of Demon king Ravana and Queen Mandotari. Astrologers predict that born baby will be the reason for the death of Ravana. So Demon King Ravana threw the baby girl into sea, the child was saved by the Varuni (Goddess – Sea), she given the child to bhomadevi (Goddess – Earth). When Janaka Maharaja ploughing the ground at mithila, he found a baby girl at that time he is childless so he thought her as a gift from Goddess Prithvi (Bhomadevi) and he started to bring up the child in the name of Sita.

Sita married Rama who is the Son of Ayodhya King. Maa Sita is the devoted wife of Lord Rama; she obeyed all the words of Lord Rama. She is the best inspiration of all Women to be a good soul. For fourteen years, she went deep forest with Rama for the only reason that she can be with Rama, can do all sorts of help and devotions to Lord Rama.

Puja Performed During Sita Navami

Sita navami is celebrated as the important festival all over India. Women keep fasting full day of sita navami and Pray mata Sita Devi and Lord Rama by Creating four Pillar Puja mandapa. Then it will be decorated with colorful flowers and Keep the Idols of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lakshman, Janaka king and Sunaya Rani. Devotees decorate their homes, prepare prasadams and chant mantras. Some folks read the Great epic Ramayana on this day with bajans, Women pray for the longitivity of their husbands, welfare of the family and to live in peace and harmony.

Sita navami puja is the best remedy for any misunderstandings and problem in the marital life of the couples. Women who pray Goddess Sita on this day get blessings to lead a happy and peaceful life. 

Performing Puja and Homam on this day blesses the devotees to live peace and happy life.