Adhi Vinayagar Temple is one of the most glorious temples located in Thilatharpanapuri near Koothanur in Tamil Nadu. Thilatharpanapuri or Adhi Vinayakar Temple is an eminent temple in India. It is one of the rarest temples that portrays supreme Ganesha in a human form and not with an elephant head.


Significance of Adhi Vinayagar Temple


The shrine of the mighty Ganesha in Adhi Vinayagar Temple is known as Nara Mukha Vinayaka. Another famous aspect of this temple is that it is one of the seven most auspicious religious places where worshippers can pay tribute to their ancestors.


One of the most critical aspects of this temple is that here Lord Ganesha is represented in his original appearance. The mighty Lord Ganesha was born with only a human face but during an argument, he was decapitated by his father, Lord Shiva. The great goddess Parvati Devi created her second son by applying turmeric paste to her body. She assigned Lord Ganesha to safeguard her while she takes a bath by not letting anyone come inside her place. Lord Ganesha bowed his head to her mother and started doing his duty diligently. In the meantime, Lord Shiva came inside and tried to enter the place. But, Lord Ganesha stopped his way and warned Lord Shiva not to go inside. During the argument, Lord Shiva and Ganesha, both were unaware that they share a relation of father and son. The argument caught on, and in the rage, Lord Shiva beheaded Ganesha. Afterwards, when Shiva got to know that he had beheaded his son, he was disheartened, and Lord Parvati also went into resentment with Lord Shiva’s action. Later, all the deities collected to find the solution to the problem. Then, Lord Brahma guided Shiva and his force to find the head of someone sleeping with the face confronting North direction. Finally, Shiva’s army discovered the head of an elephant and placed it on Lord Ganesha’s head to bring his life back. After this incident, all the godheads blessed Lord Ganesha with numerous superpowers that he will be forever worshipped first before any God. Lord Shiva also made him the commander of his troop.


Boons of worshipping at Adhi Vinayagar Temple


One of the most enchanting benefits of this place is that conducting a puja, or Yagya here for the departed soul, will help them attain salvation easily. This temple is known to bestow great peace of mind and tranquillity to human beings. Devotees can get rid of karmic doshas by conducting puja at this temple. The temple is known to pay regard and love to the ancestors. Worshippers can attain immense stability and a good state of mind after worshipping in this temple. Unravel all these boons by worshipping at this prestigious temple and welcome the string of benefits in your life.