Arudra Darshan

Arudra Darshan is a grand festival that glorifies the beauty of Lord Shiva’s dance. This festival beautifies the celestial dance form performed by Lord Shiva. Arudra Darshan derives its name from Arudhra, which is a bright golden red flame. Shiva dances in Nataraja form as a red and golden bright light.

Significance of Arudra Darshan

  • Arudra Darshan is no wonder a divine and ethereal festival. It stresses the beautiful dance performed by mighty Shiva. During the heavenly dance and play, supreme Shiva engages in art, supervision, devastation, and blessings. One of the most vital significances of Arudra Darshan is that it also amplifies the implication of Shiva’s damaru using which Shiva performs his cosmic dance. The popular mythological belief says that the entire universe originated from the dumbbell-shaped drum or the damaru. Thus, it plays a substantial role in the entire universe.
  • There is a fascinating legend behind the occasion of Arudra Darshan. Once Lord Vishnu was sitting peacefully and enjoying himself. Adisesha, who is the five-headed snake on whom Lord Vishnu sits, was observing the joyous moments of his Lord. Seeing Vishnu so relaxed and positive, Adisesha asked him what he was appreciating with so much charm. Lord Vishnu replied that he is rejoicing the cosmic dance of mighty Lord Shiva in his head.
  • He reverts that he is seeking immense pleasure seeing Shiva dance in his memory. Adisesha got curious and asked Vishnu if he could see the divine dance of supreme Shiva.
  • Then, Vishnu told Adisesha to conduct an extended and determined meditation to get this fortune. He told Adisesha that it is not everyone’s good luck to see the mighty Shiva performing the cosmic dance.
  • Then, Adisesha went ahead and did a long session of intense and heartful meditation. Lord Shiva was pleased with his pious devotion. Then, Adisesha received the boon of observing Shiva’s cosmic dance.
  • He saw Shiva performing in the Nataraja aspect at Chidambaram. Adisesha enjoyed the great dance with the prominent sages-Vyagrapada and Patanjali.

Rituals of Arudra Darshan

There are a few rituals and rules which one must follow while celebrating Arudra Darshan. The foremost thing to do is to take a bath. Devotees can take a dip in either a holy river or at their home. Worshippers should also chant the divine names of sacred rivers on Arudra Darshan. Then, they should perform Natraja puja as Nataraja is the form in which Shiva dances. It is very sacred to visit a Shiva temple on Arudra Darshan. Visiting the Nataraja temple at Chidambaram is considered highly auspicious, but devotees can visit any other Shiva temple too. Another most important ritual of this day is keeping fast to please the mighty Shiva. During the fast, people are obliged not to eat anything and open their fast on the following day of Arudra Darshan only.

Boons of Arudra Darshan

Following are the significant benefits which one can receive by observing the festivities of Arudra Darshan-

  • Devotees can seek the pious blessings of mighty Shiva. Arudra Darshan is a golden period to please powerful Shiva.
  • Worshippers can welcome fortune and happiness in their life by embracing the divine dancing skills of Shiva on Arudra Darshan.
  • Sages can attain the boon of witnessing Lord Shiva’s powerful dance by adoring the celebrations of Arudra Darshan.
  • Those who want to attain the classic dancing style of Lord Shiva should also perform the occasion of Arudra Darshan with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Arudra Darshan is undoubtedly a fantastic festival as it celebrates the dancing skills of mighty Shiva. If you want to attain the blessings of Shiva and their superb dancing skills, then observe Arudra Darshan with utmost sincerity and dedication.

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