Ashlesha Nakshatra

This Nakshatra is the heralder of Mercurial energy and is represented in the night sky by a ring of stars in the constellation of Hydra known in modern astronomy as Epsilon-hydrae Delta-hydrae Mu-hydrae Rho-hydrae Sigma-hydrae and Zeta-hydrae. Even though they are not so bright stars, they are easily visible in the dark sky from pollution-free vantage points. The brightest among them is the Zeta-hydrae which has a visual magnitude of 3.12.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Male Characteristics

He is oxymoronic because of the mismatch in his thoughts and his outputs. He doesn’t stand by his opinions but holds a high moral value for himself. He has a gifted tongue and vocal cords that everyone loves to hear him talk. This eventually drives him towards activities that are mostly involving stage plays, anchoring a show, or even a public speaker and eventually a politician.

Professional Life: They have strong desires and an urge towards diversified interests. As a result, they can even end up juggling between different professions although they are much inclined towards Arts.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Female Characteristics

She is that kind of a woman who wants to have control over everything that’s next to her. Although she sounds Cocky and self-oriented she also does empathize with others.

Professional Life: Well educated Ashlesha women are often seen to be designated for decision making roles in an organization. When she misses her formal education she is known to be looking after her home and kids with a joyful nature and also doing some part-time jobs at few instances.

Health: She is known to have frequent ear pain, pain in joints, menstrual problems, and mental anxiety.

Remedial: Paying reverence towards Serpents and doing Serpa Homam is very favorable

Ashlesha Nakshatra Padas (Quarters):
1st Pada: 16-40′ – 20-00′ Cancer, falls in Sagittarius Navamsa and is ruled by Jupiter. It deals with enmity, diseases, and 6th house affairs. It puts a lot of hard work to achieve success.

2nd Pada: 20-00′ – 23-20′ Cancer, falls in Capricorn Navamsa and is ruled by Saturn.

3rd Pada: 23-20′ – 26-40′ Cancer, falls in Aquarius Navamsa and is ruled by Saturn. This Pada can go to a very large extent and takes intensive approaches to scheme and plotting. The mother’s well being is seriously affected by the planets.

4th Pada: 26-40′ –30-00′ Cancer, falls in Pisces Navamsa and is ruled by Jupiter. This Pada is filled with illusions and moral struggle is at its peak.

Lucky Stones: Emerald

Advantages of Wearing Emerald

  • It is quite easier to gain wealth than to retain it. Emerald stone brings the sustainable power required to retain the wealth that has been earned.
  • Emerald stone is known to decrease the chances of getting bitten by venomous snakes

Remedies for Ashlesha Nakshatra

  • Paying reverence or obeisance towards Serpents, or doing Serpent rituals like Sarpa Homa is useful for gaining the favor of the energies of the Nakshatra
  • Practicing Kundalini Yoga (Raja Yoga) can help in raising out of the negative qualities of this Nakshatra
  • Feeding milk to snakes and worshipping Serpent deities during Naga Panchami can be very fruitful
  • Dark shades mainly red and black are advised to be worn by the natives to get super amazing results and to avoid unexpected tragedies.


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