Ashta Matrika Mantra


Ashta Matrika’s (Brahmani, Maheshvari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani, Chamundi, Narasimhi) eight forms of goddess, from this seven matrika’s are considered to be the female forms of seven gods and their power (Brahma, Shiva, Shiva, Indra, Karthikeya, Varaha, Narasimha) + Chamundi is the power of Maa Chandi usually identified with devi kali , all together appeared in the world as Ashta Matrika’s to demolish the Evil-Devil (Demon) “Anthakasur”.

Here Vedicfolks Provides Ashta Matrika Mantra


Brahmani Mantra:

Om Brahmayai Namah ||

Goddess Brahmani is one among the Ashta Matrikas. The name Brahmani came from the Lord Brahma.

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Maheshvari Mantra:


Om Maheswaryai Namah ||

Goddess Maheshvari is one among the Ashta Matrika’s.  The name Maheshvari came from Lord Shiva ( Maheshvara) and she came out from the body of Lord shiva.

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Kaumari Mantra:

Om Kaumaryai Namah ||

Goddess Kaumari Devi is one among the Ashta Matrikas. She is depicted same as the Lord Kartikeya.

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Vaishanavi Mantra:

Om Vaisnavayai Namah ||

Goddess Vaishnavi is one among the Ashta Matrikas.  She came out from the body of Lord Vishnu.

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Varahi Mantra:

Om Varahayai Namaha ||

Varahi is described as the power of Varaha – the boar-headed form of Vishnu or Yama – the god of death.

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Indrani Mantra:

Om Indranayai Namah ||

Goddess Indrani is one among the Ashta Matrika’s. The name Indrani came from the Lord Indra the king of heavenly world.

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Chandi Mantra:

Om Chamundayai Mantra||

Chandi represents feminine energy and worshipping her will lead to various benefits.

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Narasimhi Mantra:


Om Chandikayai Namah ||


Om Pratyangirayai Namah ||

Narasimhi is the power of Narasimha (lion-man form of Vishnu), is a woman-lion.

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