Ashtalakshmi Puja

Goddess Mahalakshi – Most Versatile And Pristine

Goddess Mahalakshmi is one of the most versatile and pristine goddess of the Vedic pantheon. The goddess represents beauty, fertility and wealth. She emanated from the supreme power Adishakti to bestow masses with wealth of all kinds. She manifested to wipe out poverty and hardship. Therefore, she divided herself into eight forms to grant different types of wealth to her devotees.

Goddess Lakshmi provides sixteen types of wealth that deals with all blessings a man wants in his entire life – knowledge, strength, intelligence, victory, beauty, fame, valour, morality, ambition, gold, other wealth, bliss, food grains, happiness, health, longevity and virtuous offspring.

The eight forms of Lakshmi are unique in their attributes/blessings and worshipping the forms grant us ‘sarva mangalam’ or all types of prosperity.

The Eight Forms And Their Special Attributes


Goddess Adilakshmi Portrayed the appearance of Lakshmi which lives with Lord Vishnu in the Vaikuntha, She blesses her devotees with all riches.


Goddess Dhanalakshmi helps her devotees earn income in multiple right ways by fulfilling their desires.


Goddess Dhanyalakshmi is the giver of boons related to agriculture. She blesses her devotees with healthy food in their life.


Goddess Gajalakshmi brings all luck in every phase in life.


Goddess Sri Santhanalakshmi bestows her devotees with blessings of progeny and family growth.


Goddess Dhairyalakshmi grants her devotees with the courage and strength to defeat any sort of struggles.


Goddess Vijayalakshmi helps her devotees to attain victory in all aspects of life.


Goddess Vidyalakshmi grants her devotees knowledge and education to explore and nurture their talent

The Various Blessings Of The Eight Forms When Invoked

Adilakshmi Homam

Adi Lakshmi homam is performed when some person is facing budgetary difficulties and wishes to gain wealth in riches.

Dhanalakshmi Homam

Dhana Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth, who helps for generating more income in multiple ways by fulfilling all desires.

Dhanyalakshmi Homam

Dhanyalakshmi is the giver of all boons related to agriculture and vital sustenance for human well-being. By performing Dhanyalakshmi Homam, an individual can be blessed with healthy and perpetual food in their life.

Gajalakshmi Homam

Gajalakshmi Homam brings you all luck in every phase of your life. In addition Gaja Lakshmi Homam is the remedy to get relief from Vasthu-related issues.

Santhanalakshmi Homam

Santhana Lakshmi Homam bestows married couples with offspring by the grace of Sri Santhanalakshmi.

Dhairyalakshmi Homam

Dhairyalakshmi Homam provides us with courage and strength to attain success in life.

Vijayalakshmi Homam

Vijayalakshmi Homam helps to attain victory in all aspects of Life.

Vidyalakshmi Homam

Vidyalakshmi Homam is very beneficial for individuals to explore and grow their talents with the grace of Goddess Vidyalakshmi.

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