Ayush Homam

Ayush Homam – For Long Healthy Life

Ayush homam must be performed consistently on one’s birthday. It is compulsory to perform this homam on the first year birthday. Ayush homam is performed to love the God of life “Ayur Devata”. When all is said in done, it offers life span and great well-being. In specific that a kid is continually sick, this homam could be performed on a month to month premise till the kid accomplishes great wellbeing.

Why Ayush / Ayusha Homam?

Performing Ayush or Ayusha Homam is very must because this homam is dedicated to the Lord Ayur Devata the God of Life. The individual who wish to live healthy and long life can choose this ayush homam for the better results. If an individual facing troubles from any sorts of illness for a long period of time then this ayush homam is highly recommended and this will be the right solution.

Benefits of Performing Ayush Homam

  • Ayush Homam is performed for long and healthy life.
  • Performing Ayush Homam rejuvenates the strength or vitality for longevity.
  • By performing this homam favour your children to live a trouble free life from any sorts of frequent ill effects.
  • It is also very helpful to protect an individual from facing accidents and any major health problems.
  • Performing this homam helps to get recover from past life negative karmic issues.

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