Baglamukhi Puja

Bagalamukhi Puja is committed to Goddess Bagalamukhi which is seen on Vaishakh Shukla Ashtami. Devotees  keep quick on this day and love Goddess Bagalamukhi and Yagyas and different strict practices are composed on this day. Devotees offer supplications during the daytime, and around evening time Bhagwati Jagran is performed.

As per Legacy, a damaging tempest during the Satyug began annihilating everything. Individuals got defenseless and there was nobody to ensure the world. Ruler Vishnu was stressed. He began revering Lord Shiva who disclosed to him that solitary Goddess Shakti could control the tempest. Master Vishnu offered his severities and supplications close Hardira Sarovar. Satisfied by his commitment, Goddess Shakti showed up before him through Mahapit Devi’s heart close to the Haridra Lake in Saurashtra area.

The evening of Chaturdashi, Goddess Shakti showed up as Goddess Bagalamukhi and favored Lord Vishnu with a shelter. The dangerous tempest could at long last be halted. Goddess Bagalamukhi is viewed as proportionate to Lord Brahma’s weapons. Devi is additionally a type of Siddha Vidya. She is even venerated by Tantriks.


Upon the arrival of Bagalamukhi Puja, aficionados should get up right on time and offer petitions to Goddess Bagalamukhi. They should wear yellow garments. An individual ought to perform sadhana in detachment or with an accomplished sadhak. To venerate Goddess Bagalamukhi, a devotees ought to sit on a stage secured with yellow material. He ought to confront east. Spot a photograph or painting of Goddess Bagalamukhi. After this, lights ought to be lit. Yellow rice, Haridra, yellow blossoms, and Dakshina ought to be held in the hands while offering the petitions. Following the standards of Brahmacharya is fundamental during this puja. Recount mantras before the puja yantra. It ought to be made of Chickpeas dal and ought to be kept on a silver utensil.


Those experiencing the fundamental or sub time of Mars are encouraged to play out the Puja to Goddess Baglamukhi with commitment and devotion to evacuate all the malefic impacts brought about by the planet Mars. This puja is suggested so bizarre happenings can be kept away from and the life can be lived with success. Goddess Baglamukhi Pooja is performed to survey the kundalini. A few mantras are discussed for the virtue in the person. It likewise assists with exciting the adhisthana chakra. Goddess Bagalamukhi calms her aficionado from issues identified with foes and negative energies. Goddess Bagalamukhi is otherwise called Pitambara. It is accepted that she adores yellow shading and subsequently, yellow shading articles are utilized for her puja. Goddess Bagalamukhi’s composition is yellowish. Her fan should wear yellow shaded garments while adoring Goddess Bagalamukhi.

Goddess Bagalamukhi is the eighth Mahavidya. She has enormous force. She causes her enthusiasts to dispose of a wide range of issues. The word ‘Bagala’ is gotten from the Sanskrit word, Valga. This signifies ‘lady of the hour.’ She can be seen riding a wonderful chariot and sitting on a position of royalty. Chariot and honored position are implanted with gemstones. She is satisfied quickly with yellow blossoms and coconut. Diya ought to be lit, and Turmeric must be offered to her alongside Yellow garments. Presenting Goddess Bagalamukhi’s mantras soothes an enthusiast from all issues.


• Overcome weakness, anguish, distress, and Abundance throughout everyday life.

• Bless budgetary soundness, favor fearlessness and quality.

• Bless great wellbeing.

• Triumph over adversaries, and favor great family holding.

• Invoke confidence, fearlessness and quality, expel dread and threat.

• Bestow bounty of riches.