Benefits Of Worshipping Navagrahas On Masi Magam

Masi Magam comes in the month of Maasi during Magha Nakshatra. It is powerful during pournami or full moon but it is not true. Hence, Masi Magam does not coincide with the full moon but in Magha nakshatra. Makam Nakshatra is also known as Magham or Magha. On the day of Masi Magam, the idols of the temples are taken to the seashore, lakes or ponds for a ceremonial bath in a procession. Devotees are taking bath in a holy river and they believe that sins from the past birth are far away from them.

How Navagrahas Influence On Masi Magham

The divine energy is circulated from Lord Shiva to the universe in the solar system including the divine Navagraha planets.

Sun- Gives a good position in public sectors and private sectors.

Moon- Gives a great mind and confers a success.

Mercury- Gives good knowledge and education in life.

Venus - Gives wealth and prosperity in life.

Mars- Gives brave, prosperity and wisdom.

Jupiter - Gives a successful business and a good personality.

Saturn- Gives a good career, zeal, and hard work.

Rahu- Gives intellectual powers and comforts in life.

Ketu - Gives good health, wealth and prosperity.

Significance Of Navagraha Homam On Masi Magam

Performing Navagraha Homam on the day of Masi Magam is the favourable day to overcome Graha doshas in a horoscope. This Homam removes all troubles, suffering, overcome health issues, financial crisis, bless purity, wealth and prosperity in life. The Magha nakshatra is the ruler of ancestors and pitrus, a holy dip removes pitru doshas. Worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Shani, a combined form of Shaneschaneshwar shiva lingam where Lord Shiva is the eternal and the ruler of time. Lord Shani is the ruler of karmas and remove karmas on time and performing prayers to Lord Saturn. Lord Shiva changes the state of mortality and bless his devotees’ abundance in life, removes all pitru doshas, bless joy, happiness, and purify our heart and soul.

Benefits Of Masi Magam

  • Removes pitru dosha.
  • Bless an abundance in life.
  • Gain superior power.
  • Gain blesses from ancestors.
  • Purify the heart and soul.