Brahmacharini Durga

Brahmacharini Durga – Second avatar among Navdurgas

Maa Brahmacharini is adored on the second day of Navratri. The name Brahma here implies to “Tapa”, so she is additionally called Tapacharini, the person who perform Tapa or repentance. She symbolizes adoration and reliability, holding a rosary in her right and Kamandalu in her exited hand. In her grasp the Padma (lotus bloom), Rudraksh dabs, and kamandalu. It is the stage when Maa parvati was not hitched and she was Devi Yogini and Devi Tapasvini. Her devotees are enriched with peace and flourishing.

About Brahmacharini Durga:

Having immolated herself in the conciliatory flame, Sati was conceived of Maina as a girl to the Mountain-King Himalaya. Keeping in view her propitious characteristics, she was given the name of ‘Parvati’. When she had adult into a wonderful lady, the divine sage Narada while meandering about happened to achieve the court of lord Himalaya.

Narada was warmly invited by the Lord of mountains. From there on Himalaya and Maina petitioned Sage Narada to anticipate the fate of Parvati by understanding her palms. Sage Narada consented to their appeal. Seeing Goddess Parvati, Sage Narada remained up and bowed to her with extraordinary adoration. The mountain-lord Himalaya and ruler Maina were stunned at such an uncommon conducts of Sage Narada.

They were interested to know the reason for this interesting conduct. Immediately he talked with a grin, “O Lord of Mountains! This little girl of yours in her past conception was Sati, the girl of Daksha and the partner of Lord Shiva. She relinquished her body in the blaze of the Yanja as Daksha heaved disfavour on Lord Shiva. Presently she is conceived again as your girl Parvati. That is the reason I bowed to her. By uprightness of her benefits, she should again bring forth Lord Shiva as her spouse.”

Having listened to the expectation of Sage Narada, Goddess Parvati asked of him how to conceive Lord Shiva as her partner. Immediately Sage Narada prompted her to perform a grim compensation.

Following up on the exhortation of Sage Narada, Goddess Parvati repudiated all the joys of the royal residence and began performing compensation to generate Lord Shiva as her spouse. She put in the initial thousand years of her compensation by living on products of the soil. From that point she existed on leaves for an alternate three thousand years of her retribution. At that point she existed on water and afterward air alone conquering hotness and frosty, rain and storms and different types of sufferings.

Goddess Parvati mulled over Lord Shiva for a large number of years. The severe retribution performed by her lessened her to a minor skeleton. An extraordinary shout won in the three planets in light of her serious retribution. All the Gods including Indra and Saints and Sage were unnerved by her retribution. They approached Brahma in a body and appealed to him to give the wanted help on Parvati.

Finally Brahma showed up before Parvati and said to her , Such a severe retribution could be performed just by you. Your appreciated yearning might soon be satisfied. You should sire Lord Shiva as your partner. By ethicalness of this grave retribution you should be known as “Brahmacharini” – a lady of abstinence. From that point Brahma restored her physical appeal and elegance.

Hence Goddess Parvati generated Lord Shiva as her spouse by excellence of her retribution. She earned the notoriety of being a Brahmacharini.

Benefit of Performing Brahmacharini Homam:

  • The devotion of Maa Brahmacharini is favourable for repentance, renunciation, excellence and respectability. Her enthusiasts are supplied with peace and flourishing.
  • By performing Brahmacharini durga homam all your desires will be fulfilled.

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