Chinnamasta Jayanti

Chinnamasta Jayanti is celebrated with great zeal across India. This festival occupies a significant position in the lives of Goddess Chinnamasta followers. She is one of the significant personalities of ten Mahavidyas. The supreme goddess Chinnamasta is known to possess vital and violent aspects of energies. Chinnamasta is also profoundly known as Chhinnamastika and Prachanda Chandika. We celebrate the sacred occasion of Chinnamasta Jayanti in Vaisakh during the Shukla Paksha, particularly on the 14th day of the Chaturdashi tithi. The festivity generally occurs in April or May.

Significance of Chinnamasta Jayanti

  • Chinnamasta Jayanti is undoubtedly a pious occasion to celebrate; it occupies a very integral place in our mythology. Goddess Chinnamasta is a manifestation of the great goddess Kali. She occupies full-fledged rights of taking and giving life to the beings.
  • There is a fascinating legend linked with the celebrations of Chinnamasta Jayanti. Once great goddess Parvati was taking a bath. Two aids assisted her while she was taking a bath. In the process, Goddess Parvati took a very long time. She spent so much time in the bathing process that it led to the exhaustion of her assistants.
  • They tried to call Goddess Parvati, but they failed. After a while, Goddess Parvati realized that she had lost track of time while bathing, and now she was guilty of her mistake.
  • Goddess discovered that her servants were waiting for her for the longest, and they were drained and exhausted. The aids were feeling very hungry and low.
  • It made Goddess Parvati very sad, and she repented for her mistake. In the meanwhile, Goddess started radiating bloodstreams. She released three bloodstream gushes in which two were occupied to satiate the hunger, and the goddess herself consumed one bloodstream.
  • From this day, Goddess Parvati started being recognised as Goddess Chinnamasta. And, celebrations of  Chinnamasta Jayanti came into existence.

Rituals of Chinnamasta Jayanti

On the day of Chinnamasta Jayanti, the first devotees wake up early in the morning and take a bath. After the bath, the cleaning process of the home’s temple takes place. The idol or sculpture of the Goddess Chinnamasta is cleaned. After this, the puja of the Chinnamasta Jayanti takes place. Devotees recite prayers in praise of the Goddess. They revise special matras and bestow a special prasad to the legendary goddess.

On Chinnamasta Jayanti, homams also devote abhishekam to great Lord Shiva. The determined devotees of the Goddess chant Chinnamasta aarti and mantras. Proponents also indulge in charities and other noble tasks to please the great goddess.

Boons of Chinnamasta Jayanti

There are a significant number of advantages of celebrating Chinnamasta Jayanti.

  • The Chinnamasta Jayanti puja will eliminate all the negativity and dark elements from the devotee’s life.
  • Goddess Chinnamasta is known to satisfy the hunger of the devotees. By worshipping her, we can unveil the advantage of fulfilling our long-pending desires.
  • People can attain the advantages of utmost happiness and tranquillity by worshipping Goddess Chinnamasta.
  • Devotees can escape the dark and confusing phase of their life by devoting worship to Goddess Chinnamasta.
  •  Goddess Chinnamasta has immense powers to eradicate the Rahul Kala impacts.
  • She also acquires positive energies to curb off the incidents of Akal mrityu from one’s life.
  • True worshippers of Goddess Chinnamasta are blessed with physical and spiritual wellness.
  • One of the significant advantages of conducting Chinnamasta Jayanti puja with utmost dedication and determination is escape from debt and poverty.
  • Chinnamasta Jayanti puja will bring stability and fortune to the lives of worshippers.

In 2021, the beautiful occasion of Chinnamasta Jayanti will fall on 25th May. Celebrate the grand occasion with utmost fervour and obtain great windfalls.

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