Chitra Pournami

A Day Of Full Moon To Keep Off Sins And Bad Karma


The Full Moon Has A Cool Effect On The People’s Minds

The moon – a celestial wonder we see every day that sometimes grows and sometimes diminishes. It appears like an attractive glowing ball in the dark sky and a single glance at it is enough to cool a harsh mind. It’s such a beauty when it appears full or wholesome with a radiance that’s so great. It actually receives the light from the sun and during the month of Chitra (mid April to mid March) the sky is clear devoid of clouds and the moon is in its full splendour. The moon has a cool effect in the minds of people on hot summer days.

Chitra Guptha Wants People To Perform Virtuous Acts And Yagya

The saga of Chitra Guptha is rather interesting. Lord Yama was appointed by Lord Brahma, the Lord of Creation, as god of death. Yama was given the task of monitoring and executing the cycle of life and death. But he faced a herculean task as there were more than 84 lakhs forms of life on earth. He expressed his inhibitions to Lord Brahma who meditated for ages and out of his body itself, Lord Chitra Gupta emerged. He is the 17th Son of Wisdom (manas putra) endowed with 100% power of Lord Brahma. And hence the purpose of Chitra Pounami, the day Chitra Gupta manifested to assist lord yama. The Matsyapurana, says that he is the Adi Devata for Ketu, a planet of Vedic astrology. A person worshipping him is bestowed with prosperity and evil effects of Ketu during the transit. The Mahabharata, on the other hand, says that Chitra Gupta requesting to do virtuous and charitable acts and also perform yagya. He even punishes or rewards them according to their good and bad deeds.

Allay Sins And Reduce Impact Of Bad Deeds

The day of Chitra Pournami is perfect for allaying the sins of the people. Good actions like prayers and yagya go a long way in relieving people of their sins and reduce the adverse impact of bad deeds.

The moon is in full brilliance on the Pournami day. It’s a sign of positive energy and even poets have not spared the celestial wonder for influencing the sentiments and attitudes of the people besides themselves. The energy of the moon is so powering on the day of Pournami that it lifts the spirits of the people and bring about a positive atmosphere. The day is also dedicated to Chitra Gupta, the keeper of our Karma records. So people worship the subordinate of Lord Yama (the god of death) to satiate him so that he doesn’t take harsh decisions against them. Once Indra, the god of heaven was blinded by ego and disrespected his guru, Brihaspati. He committed a lot of evil and therefore faced bad Karma. On the advice of his master, he performed a special ceremony to Lord Shiva on the day of Chitra Pournami to relieve him of all his sins.

Chitra Pournami is also a day of the sun that transits in the aries sign and the moon on the other hand is bright and resplendent and it is the first one in the month of Chitra. It gives positive energy and good vibrations so that mankind can benefit from it.