Dasavatar Homam

The 10 avatars Mitigate Pain and Suffering


To do away with evil and uphold righteousness, Supreme Lord Vishnu appeared on Earth in nine different forms and each one more fascinating than the other. He is yet to appear in the tenth and last avatar called Kalki said to ride a horse and vanquish those disrespecting religious beliefs and customs.  The very spirit of these avatars has taught people to lead the path of Dharma and for those going against it, destruction waits.

It’s quite palpable that Lord Vishnu is the protector of the Universe. To ward off dangers to mankind and to uphold Truth he appeared on earth in the form of ten avatars each outscoring the other in many ways possible.  There’s also a sense of evolutionary transition—from aquatic to terrestrial there’s a gradual progress and potency to the appearances.

If one may know, the avatars appeared on earth during certain time periods or yugas.

Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Narasimha avatars appeared during the Satya yuga or the first yuga. During the Treta yuga, Vamana, Parasurama and Rama avatars appeared. The third or Dwapara yuga saw another two forms Balarama and Krishna. The last and final avatar, Kalki will appear during the current yuga called Kali yuga after it concludes in another 432,000 years. The final avatar, Kalki will liberate the virtuous and destroy evil and immoral forces from earth and will end with that, and a new yuga will be born after.

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Matsya Avatar

Lord Vishnu appeared as a gigantic fish (matsya) to protect the three worlds from being submerged and thereby saving the lives on earth.

Kurma Avatar

The Lord takes the form of a tortoise when devas and asuras churn the ocean for the nectar of immortality. At one point, the Mandara mountain, which was used as a staff for churning, sinks and Lord Vishnu carries it on his back in the form of a tortoise. Thus the nectar was obtained and lives of the demi gods saved.

Varaha Avatar

This was to save the Mother Earth from the clutches of a mighty demon Hiranyaksha. The Lord takes the form of a wild boar not only saves earth but destroys the demon too.

Narasimha Avatar

This half lion half human fierce appearance came into existence to vanquish a demon king, Hiranyakashipu who boasted his immortality and turned a tyrant because of a unique boon he received from Lord Brahma. The demon even went to the extent of torturing his only son because he was a strong worshipper of Lord Vishnu. He appeared at a time when it was neither dawn nor dusk, at the courtyard, neither indoors or outdoors and tore apart the demon with his bare nails.

Vamana Avatar

This avatar was to annihilate the asura King Bali who was proud of his affluence and authority of the three worlds. Lord Indra and other gods feared his supremacy and asked Maha Vishnu for help. He appeared as Vamana, a dwarf and pleaded for three feet of land. The unsuspected king asked Him to measure as he thought that it would be very little. Vamana grew to gigantic proportions and with one foot measured the earth and heaven and asked for the third measure and the king showed his head. Vamana crushed him under his foot and sent him to Patala loka, thus coming to the gods’ rescue.

Parasurama Avatar

An excellent archer, Parasurama came to earth to get rid of the evil kshatriya kings who unleashed terror on the ordinary masses and helpless Brahmins.

Sri Rama signifies Virtue And Faith


Sri Rama Avatar

The most famous of them all, Lord Rama appeared on earth to kill Ravana and rescue his consort Sita from his clutches. He symbolises great values of virtue, truth, faith and strength and most important an ideal human being.

Balarama Avatar

Brother of lord Krishna, Balarama came into existence to assist Lord Krishna in slaying demon Khamsa, a tyrant.

Sri Krishna Avatar

Krishna plays an important role in the shaping the virtues of mankind as the Bhagwad Gita has become the perfect yardstick for posterity to follow. He also kills Khamsa, his maternal uncle.

Kalki Avatar

The tenth and last incarnation is yet to arrive. He will appear on a white horse with a gleaming sword in his hand. This marks the end of Kali yuga where in all evil and gloom will come to an end and another yuga will begin.

Many of the avatars are so powerful that they have the ability to mitigate the suffering of humans. They bless them with wealth, power and remove effects of negative forces. An individual can get relief from major health problems like cancer, remove bad karmas, ward off planetary doshas, and get prosperity, spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Vedicfolks is organising the mighty Dasavatara Homam on 9th June, 2017 in a grand manner to bring peace and prosperity to the world and beyond.

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