Debt Destroying Mangal Mantra:


Angaraka also known as Mangala, is a “God of War” and “Protector of Justice/Darma”. His consort is Shati Devi and his color is Red. Tuesday is the day of Mangal and his gemstone is coral. Mars Homam is performed to reduce problems in marriage life and increase in financial status. Vedic astrology describe Mars planet as a symbol of energy and vitality. It also helps to improve the qualities of a person for achieving goals in life. This Mantra helps in destroying the debts on chanting regularly.


Dhyana Mantra:


Japabham Sivasvedajamhastapadmairgadasulasaktirvaram dharayantam |

Avantisamuttham sumesasanastham dharanandanam raktavastram samide ||


Beej Mantra:


Om Ham Hamsah Kham Khah ||


Purification Rite and Mantra:


Om Dukhadourbhagya Nashaya Putra Santana Hetave |

Kritarekhatrayam Vamapadenailat Pramajmaryaham ||

Rinadukha Vinasaya Manobhisthartha Siddhaya |

Marjayamya Sitarckhastisro Janma Trayodbhave ||

How To Organize Mars Homam:


To organize Mars homam, one should seek support from a reputed Vedic firm for experiencing best outcomes. Vedic folks is a leading Vedic consulting company which offers valuable services while conducting this homam. Expert priests and pundits will give ideas for doing the homam with powerful mantras and fire rituals. Online support is also available for booking it in advance to plan the event depending on the needs.

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