Dhumavati Jayanti


Dhumavati Jayanti falls on Shukla Paksha Ashtami, during the period of Jyestha. According to legacy , Goddess Dhumavati is a manifestation of Goddess Durga. Dhumavati is the seventh encapsulation of Goddess Durga who is the brutal type of Goddess Shakti and wearing white garments, she grasps a weapon. A banner is lifted on her chariot which has an image of a crow. Goddess Dhumavati is otherwise called ‘Jyeshtha Nakshatra,’ as she is identified with this specific Nakshatra. The celebration of Dhumavati Jayanti is commended as the day when Goddess Dhumavati, an indication of Goddess Shakti, embodied on Earth. Goddess Dhumavati is known the seventh of the 10 Mahavidyas. By revering Goddess Dhumavati on this favorable day, aficionados can be eased from their issues and sins.

Legacy Behind The Festival Of Dhumavati Jayanti

According to legacy, Dhumavati Jayanti is related with Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Once, Goddess Parvati got some information about the mystery of contemplation and that time Lord Shiva was in profound reflection, he didn’t tune in to Goddess Parvati. She gave finding a shot the mystery yet she was ineffective to social event the mystery from Lord Shiva. Henceforth, she lost control, enraged and irritated. She gulped Lord Shiva. Because of the toxic substance in Lord Shiva’s throat, she got dull, horrible, frightful and loathsome. She began to create a great deal of warmth and fire. Her mouth was brimming with smoke, residue, and exhaust. Ruler Shiva revealed to Goddess Parvati that she would be adored as Goddess Dhumavati (the person who initiates smoke). She is adored as a widow (she gulped Lord Shiva), whose hair are constantly open. She is in brutal structure and grasps a sword.


A unique parade is sorted out around evening time for the devotees of Goddess Dhumavati. Puja is acted in a forlorn spot, and Mantras are recited. Dark Sesame seeds are offered to the Goddess for satisfying her desires. Hitched ladies are not permitted to love Goddess Dhumavati. They can simply have a brief look at the icon from a separation. It brings about the assurance her child and spouse. Goddess Dhumavati is venerated by Tantriks to increase material riches. Goddess Dhumavati shows up when everything is nearly pulverization. She is the defender of the universe, who spares us from all the negative components.


Goddess Dhumavati is venerated as Darun Mahavidya. She is a destroyer everything being equal, sins, evil presences and wrongs. It is accepted that Sage Durvasa, Bhrigu, and Parshuram adored Goddess Dhumavati on this day to achieve the unique forces. A brief look at Goddess Dhumavati offers endowments to all who witness her godlike object on this day.

According to another legacy, Goddess Dhumavati is related with ominous things. She showed up during the hour of Cosmic Dissolution. Goddess is delineated as a monstrous old woman situated on a horseless chariot. She is likewise depicted riding a crow. Emblematically, Goddess Dhumavati desires the aficionados to look past the shallow things and cultivate their confidence in the Supreme truth. She was embodied to liberate Earth from all heathens and evil presences. She is revered as a defensive god. Tantric professionals venerate her to conquer all the obstructions throughout everyday life and for the satisfaction of their wants. She is alluded as ‘Kalahpriya’ for offering the answers for this current world’s Kalah (issues)


  • Bless awesome vitality from Dasa Mahavidhyas.
  • Gain Spirituality.
  • Abundance of riches, thriving and wellbeing.
  • Remove negative components, and fiendishness activities.
  • Bless sickness free life.
  • Protection against foes.