The eight Mukhi Rudraksha reflects the pious energies of supreme Lord Ganesha. This Rudraksha is of significant implication as it brings the grace and blessings of Lord Ganapati into one’s life. The eight Mukhi rudraksha is considered as strong as eight mountains. This Rudraksha removes all the barriers and obstacles from the devotees’ life and helps them overcome their childhood fears. The eight Mukhi Rudraksha is quite beneficial as it expands prosperity, strength and courage. It helps to reduce and forget sorrows and sins and blesses them with a balanced life.


Significance of Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha


Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha helps devotees to tackle all the situations, whether hard or easy. It is a very rare and extremely powerful kind of rudraksha that brings numerous boons. The pattern linked with this rudraksha is Ketu; usage of this rudraksha helps in nullifying the adverse effects of Ketu planet. This rudraksha also balances Muladhara chakra which is linked with the body’s spine. Eight Mukhi Rudraksha also help devotees settle their disputes and wars with others. It reduces all the malefic effects from the horoscope and curtails negative energies from the atmosphere. Wearing eight Mukhi rudraksha balances the energies in the body and helps in a stable flow of blood.


Guide to wear Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha


The best day to wear  Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha is Wednesday. On any Wednesday, wake up early, take a bath and start the ritual of wearing rudraksha. Place your face towards the east direction and then chant the Ganapati mantra- Om Ganeshaya Namaha 108 times and then wear the rudraksha.  You can wear it by stringing it in a silk or wool thread or you can get it illuminated in a silver or gold chain as per your preferences.


Boons of Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha


  • Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha sharpens the meditation and memory power.

  • It helps the devotees in gaining wisdom in their life. This rudraksha helps devotees in setting the new bars of success and boost their knowledge and intelligence.

  • Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha prevents the devotees from major life threats and accidents. It assists in combating the malefic impacts of evil spirits and nightmares.

  • Devotees can lead a peaceful and prosperous life by wearing this magical rudraksha.

  • These Rudrakshas help devotees in identifying their actual talents.

  • Devotees can get rid of several doshas through these Rudrakshas. Mainly, it helps to combat sarpa dosha.

  • Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha fixes the Rahu planet in the devotee’s horoscope and prevents its adverse effects.

  • This rudraksha amasses vital powers to fight lung issues, feet or skin infections and Hydrocele.

  • Devotees can also pay off their loans and debts with the help of this rudraksha and can unlock the doors of health and wealth in their life.

  • This Rudraksha helps devotees in meeting the positive sides of themselves. It hampers the oppressive thinking and assists in fighting anxiety, depression, trauma and stress.


Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha is of immense significance. It will enrich your life with hopes, peace, harmony, and numerous positive windfalls. Get one for yourself and your close ones and cherish its incredible boons.