Feng shui is a very ancient method of astrology that originated from China. According to the ancient texts, Feng shui is a geomancy that uses the laws of the earth and heaven for a positive lifestyle. Before proceeding further, it is pertinent to explain what geomancy is.

Geomancy is a method of divine interpretations based on the ground – soil, rocks or sand. Geomancy interprets the sixteen geomantic figures. These sixteen figures are made of random shapes and involve the process of recursion and analytics which is augmented by astrological interpretations.

To put in simple words, Feng shui is a science and art that integrates the energies of a particular space to provide health and good fortune.

What exactly is Feng shui?

The Chinese have always given importance to wind and water. These two elements are associated with good health and good luck. Feng shui literally means Wind Water. While Feng means wind, Shui means water.

In ancient times, the Chinese believed that land possessed energy and this energy or Chi could make or break a kingdom.

Where does Feng shui trace its origin?

Feng shui’s origin has been traced to the Yangshao and Hongshan cultures. Feng shui was dependent on astronomy during its very initial stages but with the invention of magnetic compass, the situation changed.

What are the tools used in Feng shui?

Since Feng shui is based on Chinese astronomy and certain tools were used for the analysis. The most ancient tools were the Compass and the Ba-Gua. Until the magnetic compass was invented, the Feng shui was majorly based on astronomy to know the correlation between the universe and mankind.

What is a Compass?

Compass is an instrument that measures the directions. This is also known as the Lo-Pan. Lo literally means everything and Pan means Bowl. The Feng shui compass comprises a set of concentric rings around the magnetic needle.

The Feng shui compass is used to analyze a building or site to find out the favorable Feng shui areas since some specific areas are deeply connected with a person’s life. Lo-Pan also helps determine the major Feng shui element.

What is Bua Gua?

Bua Gua is an octagonal structure that has the I Ching symbols engraved. It is the eight diagrams that represent the basic principles of truth. The Bua Gua map is one of the tools used nowadays and shows the connection between your life and the specific areas of your home.

Each of the section of the Bua Gua map corresponds to each and every aspect of your life. These are categorized as name, fame, luck, relationship, marriage, spirituality, creativity, career, power, health and wealth. The Bua Gua map is used to find areas that have a bad Chi so that some positive energy can be infused.

What is the significance of Feng Shui today?

Feng shui is one of the most respected forms of astrology today. People across the globe use it to get out of bad fortune and live a healthy life.

Complex Feng shui methods need a good amount of financial resources considering the fact that the buildings need to be restructured as per the Feng shui principles.

Other methods that do not involve huge finances are using mirrors, wind chimes etc., to drive away the bad force or negative energy.

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