About supreme Lord Dharbaranyeswarar

Lord Dharbaranyeswarar is a supreme deity who is a self-manifested aspect of Lord Shani. In the Thirunallar temple, the mighty Lord Dharbaranyeswarar controls Lord  Shani. Both the gods are closely linked to each other. The energies and characteristics of Lord Shani and Lord Dharbaranyeswarar are the same, and they both protect their devotees from the malefic forces.

The historical implication of Lord Dharbaranyeswarar

There is a majestic temple in Thirunallar, Pondicherry of Tamil Nadu. This temple is also renowned for having seventeen Shiva lingams. It is also one of the prominent Saptha Vidanga Sthalam or one of the seven main places where a lingam of emerald appears in an un-chiselled aspect. At this shrine, Lord Shani transferred and surrendered all his powers to Lord Dharbaranyeswarar. He did so to save a devotee from Saturn planet’s wrath. From then onwards, this shrine became an essential place for worship of Lord Dharbaranyeswarar and Shani.

Significance of Lord Dharbaranyeswarar Homam

In this Homam, a fire kund having a sacrificial fire is lighted to attain the precious blessings of Lord Shani. The mantra chanting and sloka invocation takes place in the puja ceremony. Devotional offerings and other rituals take place to culminate this glorious Homam.

Boons of Lord Dharbaranyeswarar Homam

Lord Dharbaranyeswarar Homam removes the planetary doshas linked with Saturn planet. It brings the immense blessings of Lord Shani. The Homa ritual helps attain victory in all tasks. It removes bad luck and misfortunes from life. The Homa ritual brings optimism and peace to life. The fire ritual keeps the evil eyes and ill spells away.  It is the best remedy for the Punarphoo dosha or Shani dosha. The Homam eradicates negativity and pessimism.

Lord Dharbaranyeswarar Homam works like a magic wizard in eliminating Rahu or Ketu doshas. The ritual supports attaining outstanding success in all undertakings. The Homam helps in achieving fame and name. It grants devotees spiritual development and mental stability. All the issues linked to marriages, such as unhappy marital life or extreme delays in marriage, can be resolved with Lord Dharbaranyeswarar Homam. Lord Dharbaraneshwarar empowers the supreme powers and grants salvation to the devotees. It keeps all sorts of negative minds and adverse vibes away from the worshippers.

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