Goddess Dhumavati Homam – To Remove Misfortunes in Life

Goddess Dhumavati comes in the seventh manifestation among Dasa Mahavidyas and symbolizes to Goddess Shakthi in smoky structure. She represents as the widow Goddess of demise and delusion. Here, she has taken the incarnation as an endless widow without the Lord Shiva. It is accepted that she can favour her follower with unnatural capacities. Thus, adherents who need to thrash their foes frequently adore Goddess Dhumavati Devi.

Importance of Dhumavati Homam

Dhumavati Homam is consistently offered to evacuate the malefic impacts of the planet Ketu from the horoscope of the person. The primary and sub time of the Ketu planet is evacuated by doing the Goddess homam with brimming with devotion and dedication. All the snags, obstacles and mishaps are generally evacuated completely from your life. The Dhumavati Homam ought to be finished with complete devotion to accomplish most extreme advantages.

Benefits of Dhumavati Homam

  • Performing Goddess Dhumavati Homam favour us to safeguard from black magic.
  • By performing this Dhumavati homam sorrows and unfairness all completely removed from the life.
  • Dhumavati homam protect an individual from big loss and misfortunes.
  • Performing Dhumavati Homam help us to overcome difficulties or hindrances in life.
  • Helpful to remove widowhood issues.


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