Goddess Eka Veera

Goddess Eka Veera temple is devoted to Goddess Eka Veera who is that the consort of Lord Shiva, a sort of Shiva linga. it’s one among the important 18 maha Shakti peethas and it’s located on the banks of Panch River Ganga in Mahur Maharashtra State and therefore the temple is 126 Kms from Nanded and 50 Kms from Kinwat. Goddess Sati is worshipped as Ekaveerika Mata and her head had fallen here.

Goddess Ekaveerika Shakthi Peeth may be a small shrine with one hall and a sanctum Sanctorum. Only the top of the deity is here and Goddess Ekaveerika mata is that the elder sister of Goddess Renuka Devi, the wife of Sage Jamadagni. Ekaveerika Shakthi Peeth may be a seat of Tantric worship and therefore the People offer Bali to Goddess Eka Veera. Goddess Renuka Devi temple is an ancient temple, about 800 years old and located on Capitol Hill top. Sage Jamadagni is additionally present within the temple within the sort of a Shiva ling. The temple was built by Yadava King of Devagiri within the thirteenth century.

How To Perform Pujas To Goddess Eka Veera

Devotees are performing and offering prayer to Goddess Eka Veera on the day of Thursday and Tuesday and therefore the devotees throng the temple on all occasions of Navaratri and Chaitri Navratri to worship and celebrate. Animal sacrifices also are offered during this temple, including the sacrifice of goat / chickens. it’s believed that the Goddess has magical powers. The festival like Dasaradha, Navaratri and chaitra Pournami are celebrating during a great manner and therefore the devotees are offering Prasad to Goddess Eka Veera like Pan patta and Supari.


According to one legacy, Goddess Renuka Devi, the wife of Sage Jamadagni wont to get water daily from a river during a newly made pot. One day, she saw some Gandharvas having an honest time within the river and thought how happy they were. She couldn’t make the pot that day. On reaching home, she narrated the entire incident to her husband who was enraged. He asked his sons to separate Goddess Renuka’s head from her body. Out of his four sons, only Lord Parushurama took his Parashu (axe) and killed her. The separated head of Goddess Renuka Devi is worshipped as Ekaveerika Mata and therefore the body that of Goddess Renuka Devi.


• Bless disease free life.
• Abundance of wealth and prosperity.
• Removes fear.
• Bless peace and harmony.
• Removes past birth sins.
• Remove negativities,