Goddess Kamarupa Devi

Kamarupa devi Shakti Peeta is taken into account together of the powerful Shakti Peetas. it’s one among the important seven Shakti Peetas as mentioned in Kalika Purana. Here the Yoni/Maha Mudra or the genitalia of the Devi has fallen. Devi is worshipped by several names like Goddess Kamakhya, Goddess Kamagiri and Goddess Kamarupa. Lord Shiva is worshipped as Umananda. This temple is found on Nilachal hills, Guwahati, Assam. the closest bus stand is Nilachal, Guwahati. the closest rail station is about 4 kms from Capitol Hill top. The temple is found on the banks of Louhitya, the river Brahmaputra.

How To Perform Pujas To Goddess Kamarupa Devi

Ambubachi Mela also referred to as Ambubasi festival is held during monsoon time- i.e June of each year for 3 days. this is often time when the River Brahmaputra is in spate. Ambubachi Mela is a crucial festival within the temple. The mela or the celebrations signifies the annual menstruation of Devi Kamakhya. it’s believed that Devi Kamakhya menstruates during this era and therefore the water within the main stream turns red with iron oxide resembling menstrual fluid.

The festivities also signifies Mother earth becoming fertile within the monsoon season. The mela is additionally referred to as Ameti or Tantric fertility festival. Some tantrics make public appearances during lately and display their psychic powers like standing on one leg for long hours or standing on padukas made from nails etc.
The temple is closed during the amount of mela for 3 days. Strict restrictions are observed by the devotees during these three days, like not reading scriptures, not cooking, no farming, not performing puja. The temple is opened on the fourth day when the Devi is given a ceremonial bath and other rituals are performed to revive her purity. After the puja, Prasad is distributed among the devotees.


According to the Puranas Narakasura, a demon expressed his desire to marry Devi Kamakhya. Devi Kamakhya agreed to marry Narakasura on the condition that he builds the staircase from rock bottom of the Nilachal hills to the temple within one night. Narakasura took it as a challenge and tried all his might to finish the task. When he was close to complete the development by day break, Devi Kamakhya, panic stricken made a cock crow even before the particular dawn broke. As Narakasura was tricked by the cock’s crow, he abandoned the task and chased the cock and killed it. The place where Narakasura killed the cock is understood as Kukurakata, situated within the district of Darrang. The unfinished staircase is understood as Mekhelauja path. According to another reference of Puranas, Kamadeva was cursed by Lord Brahma. To urge obviate his curse, he looked for the Yoni of Devi Sati and built a temple in her name. Kamadeva regained his original form or rupa after praying at this Shakti Peeta. Thus the place gets its name as Kama Desa or Kamarupa and therefore the Devi as Kamakhya. The temple is additionally referred to as the place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Devi would meet for his or her romantic encounters.


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