Goddess Sarvamangala Devi

Goddess Sarvamangala devi temple is dedicated to Goddess Sarvamangala who is the consort of Lord Shiva, a linga form. This temple is located in the city Gaya, on the banks of the river Phalgu, Bihar State which is 100km from the south of Patna and it is the 8th Maha Shakti peethas. In this temple, Goddess Sati’s breast has fallen.

How To Perform Pujas To Goddess Sarvamangala Devi

Navaratri is an auspicious day for Goddess Sarvamangala devi and offering prayer on this day bring success and prosperity. Devotees are going to the temple of Goddess Sarvamangala devi and performing turmeric, and milk abishekam to get divine blessings from Goddess Sarvamangala devi. Other important days for Goddess Sarvamangala devi are Tuesday, and Friday. On this day devotees are performing fasting for the reduction of their karmic effects in a horoscope.


According to the Vayu Purana, the demon Gayasura was an arsent devotee of Lord Vishnu. He performed rigorous penance and was blessed by Lord Vishnu. He had such powers that anyone who came in touch with him would be absolved of his sins. The demon Gayasura wanted everyone to achieve Mukthi. This got Indra worried. in order that they decided to show Gayasura a lesson. The Trimurthis (Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva) came to Gayasura within the guise of three Brahmins. They wanted to perform Yagya and asked the demon Gayasura for a bit of land. The Trimurthis decided to perform the Yagya on his body as no place was as sacred as his body for the Yagya. The Yagya would be completed in seven days. Gayasura agreed and began counting the times with the crowing of the cock within the morning. On the sixth day, Lord Shiva, with the intention of spoiling the Yagya crowed within the middle of the night. The demon Gayasura mistook it for morning and commenced to shake his body. The Yagya couldn’t be completed. Thus the Trimurthis made him realise that it’s impossible for him to hold the sins of everybody. They granted a boon to him that this place would be as sacred as he was. Thus Gayasura is taken into account as a really sacred place. The body got transformed into several rocky hills which form the topography of the world. The gods decided to take a seat on these rocks, thus there are several temples on these hill rocks in Gayasura . Thus the place gets its name from the demon Gayasura.


  • Boon childless for Child.
  • Bless Moksha
  • Remove Bad karmic effects in a horoscope.
  • Bless wealth and prosperity.
  • Gain spiritual energy.
  • Bless success in life.