About supreme goddess Patala Bhairavi

Goddess Bhairavi is one of the ten primary Mahavidyas. She is the embodiment of complete darkness and the destruction of all existence. Patala Bhairavai is a significant manifestation of the great goddess Bhairavi. Patala Bhairavi is a great goddess and one of the seven tantric sisters in the mother goddess Kali or Shakti lineage.

Significance of goddess Patala Bhairavi 

Goddess Patala Bhairavi is said to reside in the bottommost layer of the universe Patala, at the foot of the Kalpaka Tree. Here, she presides over all terrible, dangerous and inferior things. She presides over diseases and painful ailments that afflict human bodies and minds. She cures deadly ailments and delivers salvation to her devotees. She is attended by wrathful deities called Krodhins. Patala Bhairavi is counted as one of the 51 Shaktipeeths in India. It is in the town of Arasikere, in Karnataka. It is believed that Patala Bhairavi is the second supreme Goddess who resides in Patala. Patala means – one who lives in the underworld. Thus, she is also revered as the Goddess of Death. Goddess Patala Bhairavi controls instant punishment worldwide for people who deserve the death penalty. She makes her presence felt wherever there are wars, epidemics, and famines anywhere in the world. She does so as a warner to remind humans about the impermanent nature of life and death.

According to Shakta tantric literature, she was originally worshiped as a great Goddess before being incorporated into the mainstream pantheon of Hinduism. She is associated with snakes, blood sacrifice, and human heads. Her appearance and form is frightening. She has four arms that wield weapons, including a knife and cleaver. Her blood-soaked hands have severed heads and snakes coiled around her arms. Her hair is curled and tangled, and her face fearsome with bulging eyes, fangs, and protruding tongue.

About Patala Bhairavi Homam 

In Patala Bhairavi Homam, a fire kund is set with a sacrificial bonfire. Devotional offerings take place, and other rituals are performed to cherish the imperial deity Patala Bhairavi. Mantras and slokas are chanted in praise of the supreme deity Patala Bhairavi in the Homa ritual.

Boons of Patala Bhairavi Homam

Patala Bhairavi Homam brings the blessings of prominent goddess Bhairavi Mahavidya into life. This Homam guides towards a stable spiritual path and grants liberation from the adversities and negative aura of the world. This fire ritual eradicates the influence of past life sins and obstacles. The blessings of the supreme goddess remove all the afflictions and elements that hinder happiness from life. This Homam also assists in getting rid of all the diseases and disorders. Mighty goddess blesses with love and luck and assists in having a fruitful and blissful married or love life. This fire ritual adores life with peace and serenity by eliminating all the energies that hamper stability.

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