About mighty Sri Krishna and Maha Kali  

Lord Krishna is one of the most revered and supreme deities. He is one of the supreme godheads. Krishna is worshipped with utmost love and affection not just in India but all across the globe. Lord Krishna is the eighth foremost avatar of the great godhead Vishnu.  He was born on the eighth day of the Ashtami of the Krishna paksha in the sacred month of Shraavana.


Goddess Kali is ferocious, bold, and invincible. She is regarded as the goddess who possesses great cosmic powers and is an ultimate decider of death and time. She is considered very important in Indian mythology as she embodies the conversion of Goddess Durga into Kali.

Significance of Krishna Jayanthi 

Krishna is the eighth son of King Vasudeva and Devaki. Kansa, brother of Devaki and king of Mathura, wanted to kill the eighth child of Devaki or Krishna. It is because, according to a prognosis, Kansa will be killed by that child; Kansa murdered all the children of Devaki and Vasudeva. But he couldn’t destroy Krishna as he was an avatar of mighty Vishnu. Vasudeva protected him, exchanging him with the Gokul’s head Nanda and his wife Yashoda’s son. And eventually, Lord Krishna grew up and killed Kansa.

Significance of Maha Kali Jayanthi

Kali Jayanti is the most auspicious day devoted to the supreme goddess Kali. The main motive behind celebrating Kali Jayanti is to glorify the supernatural powers of the deity. Kali Devi is mighty and is born to kill devils. There was a powerful demon called Raktabija, who was eternal. He was very dangerous and is famous for distressing sages, gods, and people. He got a boon from the creator of god Brahma which made him immortal. Brahma gave him the blessing that if someone kills him, then he will emerge from a drop of blood that will fall on earth. Lord Brahma gave him rewards that many demons like him would originate from his drops of blood. No other god could finish Raktabija, and then goddess Kali came into force. She gathered all her courage and shaved the head of Raktabija, and drank all the blood which came out of his body. It finished Raktabija from the root. Kali Jayanthi glorifies the immense powers and glory of the commanding goddess Kali.

Boons of Sri Krishna and Maha Kali Homam 

Sri Krishna Jayanthi Homam will bring peace and harmony to your life. This Homam will help in pleasing the mighty lord Krishna. Lord Krishna protects his sincere devotees from going on the wrong path. He guides them in the right direction by counseling them at every stage of life. Supreme Lord Krishna prevents his devotees from the clutches of exhaustion and a negative mindset. Krishna also benefits his worshipers by endowing their abilities to formulate good decisions in life.

Goddess Kali greets life with bravery and courage. Maha Kali Homam will remove all the negativity from life, bringing good vibes,  fortune, and happiness. The sacred fire ritual will fetch good reasons to live life. Goddess Kali helps in being fit and agile. She blesses her worshipers with a positive lifestyle. Devi Kali endows excellent powers to fight the complexities of the world. One can become indomitable and attain miraculous powers to overcome the hostile forces of this supreme Homam.

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Attain all the above windfalls by participating in Sri Krishna and Maha Kali Homam with us. We are executing these two powerful rituals on the precious occasions of Krishna and Kali Jayanthi. Bring grace, power, blessings, and positivity into your life with these incredible fire rituals.