Hanuman Jayanthi Story


 Hanuman Jayanthi – Dispels Pitru Dosha, Kala Sarpa Dosha, Propitiate Peace of Ancestors’

Soul, Bless Wellness, Prosperity, Happiness


Importance Of Celebrating Hanuman Jayanthi

  • Lord Hanuman is considered to be the manifestation of Lord Shiva. He is a personification of dedication and devotion. His power is incomparable and He is also measured as a great intellectual. So many people observe fast and perform various hanuman homam and puja for getting complete blessings from Lord Hanuman
  • Therefore, the devotees worship Lord Hanuman on his favorable day of Hanuman Jayanthi to obtain strength and force to get rid of all the evil energies that surround them.

Story Behind Celebration Of Hanuman Jayanti

When, an incredible saint named Angira went to visit the paradise ruler, Indra and invited there through the dance displayed by a lady named, Punjiksthala. On the other hand, saint was not utilized of that sort move and began meditating on his God. Be that as it may, one time she offended a sage, and along these lines he reviled her to be conceived on Earth as a female monkey, a condemnation which could just be evacuated by conceiving a child who might be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Consequently, she took birth as Anjana and later wedded Kesari. Both were exceptionally devout and immaculate, and they carried on with an existence loaded with starkness’s, adoration, meditation etc. Anjana appealed to the God of Wind, Vayu that He would effortlessness her with a child. He satisfied this wish and graced her with Hanumanji. She likewise implored Lord Shiva to take birth in her womb, subsequently liberating her from the condemnation of living as a female monkey. Lord Shiva was satisfied by her immaculateness and dedication furthermore by her extraordinary otherworldly practice; thusly, He consented to incarnate in her womb as her child.

Hanuman Birth

The godly Lord Hanuman took conception on the fourteenth day of the month of Chaitra in a cave on the Rushyamuk Mountain. Upon his introduction to the world, Anjana was liberated from the condemnation/curse and ready to come back to the Heavenly domains.

Plenty Of Boons From All The Gods

  • One day Mother Anjana told Hanuman that the world would give him fruits as brilliant and ready as the climbing sun.
  • Confused the real sun for fruit to eat, Lord Hanuman flew toward the Sun and was going to swallow it when Indra tossed his vajra (thunderbolt) at Lord Hanuman to keep him from eating up the Sun. The vajra hit Lord Hanuman and he tumbled to the Earth.
  • Lord Vayu, the God of Wind and Hanumanji’s celestial father, got to be incensed that Indra had harmed his child. Out of outrage, Vayu ceased the wind from blowing, and all got to be still. Without the stream of natural air, lives on Earth furthermore in the Heavenly residence jeopardized. In this way, the greater part of the divine beings went to Vayu to attempt to conciliate his resentment and to persuade him to permit the wind to stream once more. So as to appease Vayu, all the gods gave various boons and forces to Hanuman, including power and courage.
  • The life of Lord Hanuman is loaded with accomplishments of strength and showcases of immense quality.


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