Hanuman Jayanti

Lord Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated as the birth of Lord Hanuman is considered as one of the avatars of Lord Shiva is said to be the child of a nymph by the wind god, once as a child tried to grab the sun mistaking it as a fruit got hurt on his jaw i.e., Hanu, is a personification of nature, who was born on the Anjaneri mountain.

Lord Hanuman father is Kesari and his mother Anjana is said to be an apsara, who was born on earth due to a curse and was relieved from the curse after giving birth to a son, where Anjana performed an intense penance for a period of 12 long years was blessed with a male child by Lord Rudra where Lord Hanuman is said to be the reflection of Lord Rudra himself. Lord Hanuman is said to be a deity to be worshiped to attain victory against all enemies and evil spirits, provides protection is a symbol of energy and strength.

Lord Hanuman – The God Of Strength And Devotion

He stands tall and mighty and he’s the most popular deity in the Hindu pantheon. An avatar of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman is worshipped for his great exploits, strength, devotion, perseverance and power. His achievements in the epic Ramayana is well known and the task that he was assigned, that of locating Sita, was successfully achieved by Him.

Lord Hanuman is a powerful incarnation of Lord Shiva. Do you know that he had many epithets to his credit?
• Manojavam, the one who is swift as mind
• Buddhimataamvarishtham, the most senior among intellectuals
• Shreeraamadootam, the one who is the messenger of lord Rama
• Maarutatulyavegam, has a speed equal to the wind God
• Danujvana Krushanum, the one who is the destroyer of forces of demons.
• Gyaaninaam Agraganyam, the one who is considered foremost among knowledgeable beings.
• Jitendriyam, the one who has complete control of his senses
• Vaataatmajam, the one who is the son of wind God
• Vaanarayoothamukhyam, the one who is the chief of vanara army
• Atulita Bala Dhaamam, the one who is the repository of incomparable strength.
• Hemshailaabha Deham, the one whose body resembles a golden mountain.
• Sakala Guna Nidhaanam, the one who is the repository of all the virtues and good qualities.
• Sankata Mochana, the one who liberates (moch) from dangers (sankata)

Eventful Birth Of Lord Hanuman

  • Sage Vrihaspati’s subordinate Punjikasthala was cursed to assume the form of a female monkey. It was said that only if she gave birth to an incarnation of Lord Shiva would the curse be lifted. She was reborn as Anjana, and performed severe penance to please the Lord of Destruction who granted her the boon.
  • After King Dasaratha had given the sacred desert to his wives to bear him children, an eagle snatched the pot and dropped it where Anjana was meditating. She ate the desert and gave birth to Hanuman, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. This day is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanthi by the people all over the world.
  • Anjana was released of her curse and returned to heaven. Hanuman was doubtful of his future. She assured him that he would get food as ripe as the sun and that he would live forever.  When he was hungry one day, he leapt to the sky to snatch his ‘food’ and began eating it. There was darkness everywhere and the very sustenance of life became dubious. The gods begged him to release the sun and granted him superior blessings of immortality, invincibility and might.


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How To Revere Lord Hanuman

People fast on Tuesdays or Saturdays and offer the god special food of his liking like laddoos, butter, fruits etc. but the greatest prayer of them all is the Hanuman Chalisa which is a hymn dedicated to the lord, composed by ancient poet Tulsidas. Chalisa indicated 40 poetic verses which can be recited by anyone irrespective of age and by repeated utterances the hymn gets embedded in the mind of a devotee. But cleanliness of body and mind is needed to read the verses. It is so powerful that when one is troubled by nightmares he/she has to keep the Chalisa under the pillow to sleep peacefully. It also helps get rid of evil spirits that cause harm.

Panchamukha Hanuman – A Great Mystic That Transcends Five Senses

The significance of the elements has been explained beautifully in ‘Kambha Ramayanam.’

  • Lord Hanuman is the son of one of the five elements – wind
  • To reach Lanka, he crossed the ocean – water
  • He travelled through an element – the sky
  • Met the daughter (Mother Sita) of one of the 5 elements – earth
  • Finally, he burnt down Lanka using fire, another element

The Five-Faced Hanuman Is Rather Unique In His Appearance And Grants Manifold Blessings:

  • East facing Anjaneya fulfills all wishes and grants purity of mind.
  • South facing Karala Ugraveera Narasimha blesses everyone with prosperity.
  • West facing Garuda bestows good luck or fortune
  • North facing Laksnmi Varaha grants prosperity and wealth
  • Upwards facing Hayagriva grants humanity Sarva Vidya Jaya Prapthi which means victory in all matters.

Vedicfolks Panchamukha Hanuman Homam Vedicfire rituals on Hanuman Jayanthi are so propitious and powerful that it invokes the powerful god to bless you with everything in life.

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Jayanthi Day