Healing Services

Being hale and hearty is the key for every celebrity. Yes, we stress on the health because at Vedic Folks we understand that only a healthy person can work hard and to become a celebrity hard work is a must.

We offer Healing Services for our celebrity clients keeping this in mind. Also, at Vedic Folks we understand the immense pressure that a celeb has in terms of their personal and professional life. To overcome all this, we offer healing services.


Celebs opt for Reiki because it is a simple mode of treatment that involves no medication, which means no side-effects. The treatment is by transferring the Universal Energy and this gives good results for people suffering due to tension, stress and depression.

Pyramid Services

Using Pyramid as a form of treatment finds patronage among the celebrities. Vedic Folks has special practitioners offering Pyramid services for clients needing them. We also guarantee that our experts will be able to provide the desired results within a short span of time.

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