How Goddess Varahi Grants Miracle Wealth Boons


Varahi – Commander of Shakti’s Army That Condemns Evil & Grants Miracle Boons

Goddess Varahi is one of the Saptha Mantrikas the seven divine forms of the goddess Sakthi, Goddess Varahi is also known to be the feminine energy and consort of the god Varaha, the boar deity and third avatar of Lord Vishnu, in scriptures like the Markandeya  Purana  the same origin story is encountered where the Goddess Varahi and the other Mantrikas appear as Sakthis, the embodiment of strength and power from the bodies of the gods and the goddess Varahi was created from the god Varaha and is considered as the fifth of the Saptha Mantrikas hence she is known also by the name Panchami.

Depiction of the Goddess Varahi, the Destroyer of Evil

Goddess Varahi’s face resembles a boar, has a dark colour complexion, often depicted wielding a chakra and sword which is used to destroy evil forces. Sometimes she’s depicted having six arms carrying four weapons and the remaining two arms respectively held in the Abhaya and Varada mudra poses and the goddesses Varahi’s mount is depicted as the elephant or sometimes shown as a tiger.

Goddess Varahi – The One Who Bestows Various Boons

Goddess Varahi is the destroyer of evil hence people who worship her and perform, a special homam  during Magha Navarathiri dedicated to the goddess Varahi  are protected from bad dristhi, dosha and other evil forces, it is also said when one worships Goddess Varahi and performs the Homam on Magha Navarathiri usually conducted on the fifth day they and their families are also protected from their enemies, evil plots and mental illness, it also helps job seekers both new and experienced to get new jobs or in the case of experienced  personal get better jobs and one who worships goddess Varahi can also get wealth, better status in society and protection from ill health.

Prayers and Mantras Dedicated to Goddess Varahi

Varahi Anugrahashtakam is the prayer that is recited to seek the blessings of Goddess Varahi and the other important prayer to Goddess Varahi to protect one and their family from enemies is Varahi Nigrahashtakam.

Temples Dedicated to Varahi to Increase Gains

There are several temples dedicated to Goddess Varahi the main one being located in the Varahi Chaurasi temple located in Orissa where Varahi devi is the main deity. There is also a temple dedicated to Goddess Varahi  in the south located in Mylapore in Chennai, Varahi devi is also worshipped under names such as ‘Patala Bhairavi’ and ‘Panchami’. Varahi Devi is also worshipped as ‘Uttari Bhawani’ in the Gonda District in Gujarat.