How Soma Yagya Attracts the Power Blessings of all God

Of the 21 nityakarmas, there are Seven Soma Yagyas

The Vedas have listed around 400 yagyas of which Agnihotra is obligatory. There are 21 nityakarmas only Agnihotra and Aupasana are performed twice at dawn and dusk. The rest have allotted time frame over the entire span of a year.

If a yagya is complicated then it performed less number of times and the complex ones once in a lifetime. Of the 21, the first seven are cooked sacrifices or ‘pakayagyas’ , the second seven are oblation or burnt offering or ‘haviryagyas’ and the third seven are called soma yagyas or soma sacrifice.

  • The seven pakayagyas are ataka, sthalipaka, parvana, sravani, agrahayani, caitri and asviyuji.
  • Haviryagyas are classified as agniyadhana, agni hotra, darsa purnamasa, agrayana, caturmasya, niruuda pasu bandha and sautramani.
  • The types of Soma yagyas are agnistoma, atyagnistoma, uktya, shodasi, vajapeya, atiratra and aptoryama.

The Soma yagya involves the extraction, utility and consumption of soma, an extract of a plant or nectar.

The True Essence of Soma Yagya

The essence of Soma Plant is sacrificed in the yagya and is relished by the celestial beings – Gods, demi gods and all other heavenly entities.

The ritual plays a significant role in Vedic tradition. It provides an extra powerful boost of healing energy for those who take part in it. It also heals the society and the universe at large. When the yagya is performed the entire atmosphere becomes nutritious, medicinal and disease-free. It improves the psyche both qualitatively and quantitatively. It cleanses the surroundings of toxins and harmful pollutants. A person entitled to perform this great fire sacrifice must have knowledge of yajurveda in total along with auxiliary sutras like srauta grihya- dharma-kalpa pertaining to the particular recession of the Veda.

Soma – Highly Spiritual Method to Please All Gods

The Soma Yagya is so powerful that it appeases all gods of the Vedic pantheon. From demi gods to the Supreme entity it pays obeisance and sees that your future is so full of abundance, sound health, great strength and victory. It also paves way for life upliftment. It’s said that the Soma is an elixir that the gods crave to increase their longevity and vitality.

The core essence of Soma Yagya is that it produces happiness, peace, enthusiasm and relaxation. In ancient scripts, in many places, Soma calls upon God to provide everyone with peace, satisfaction, bliss and global vision. It also asks Soma to create medicines that heal, to create water that quenches thirst, to eradicate darkness from this world.  Soma sometimes intoxicates so that we completely engage ourselves in the devotion to God.