About supreme Lord Ganapathi

Lord Ganapathi or Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He has amassed the ultimate boon of being worshipped as the first among all the godheads. Lord Ganesha is also known as Lord of Vinayaka and Lord of Sumuka. He is renowned as Vignaharta or the one who ends all the dangers and obstacles in a devotee’s life. Lord Ganesha is the absolute deity who brings abundance and happiness to life.

About mighty goddess Lakshmi

The commanding goddess Lakshmi is the supreme divinity who brings fortune and glory to a devotee’s life. She is the goddess of wealth and harbinger of prosperity. She is also a part of the trinity and goddesses Parvati and Saraswati. Goddess Lakshmi is the consort of the supreme deity Vishnu. Powerful godhead Lakshmi is the supreme goddess who brings prosperity, equity, wealth and capital to life. She is the goddess of wealth who blesses with monetary benefits and economic gains. Goddess Lakshmi removes all the doshas and afflictions that hinder incoming wealth and glory in life.

Significance of Lakshmi Ganapati Homam

Worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Parvati is very beneficial and encouraging. Lakshmi Ganapati Homam is one of the most promising ways to seek the boons of the mighty deities. The single ritual helps attract the strong blessings of the two deities: Lord Ganesha and imperial divinity Lakshmi. The Homa ritual includes lighting a fire kund. There is a sacrificial bonfire in the kund. There takes place chanting of mantras and slokas dedicated to the primary godheads.  The priests perform all the essential rituals in a precise manner. They perform devotional offerings and help devotees attract the vibrant aura of Lakshmi and Ganesha.

Boons of Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam

Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam is highly significant as it adores life with the great blessings of mighty Ganesha and Lakshmi. Both the divinities illuminate the life of followers with material wealth, peace and bliss. It brings consciousness and self-attainment powers to the devotees. Worshippers can develop great conscience and wisdom with the pious Homam. It helps them attain victory over all odds and achieve significant milestones.

Lakshmi Ganapathi Homa ritual eradicates all the negative influences and blesses with bliss and stability. The Homam brings immense prosperity and peace to life. It eradicates all the significant obstacles and blesses with fortune. It grants economic stability and immense euphoria to worshippers. The precious fire ritual brings the windfalls of material wealth and financial accomplishment.

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