What is Sarpa or Naga Dosha?


Naga Dosha is a vicious dosha that comes from the extreme anger of the God of the Serpent. This dosha brings negativity and increases the influence of evil forces.

This dosha brings imbalance in life and disturbs peace and happiness. This dosha can even lead to severe injuries by the snakes or can even cause death. The trap of this dosha is highly fatal and leads to formidable consequences. The presence of Naga Dosha in metal charts or horoscopes creates severe turbulence in life by increasing the risk of snake bites and death by the same. It leads to other hazards such as dangerous dreams about dead people, constant fear and depression in life.


How does Sarpa or Naga dosha originate?


Generally, this dosha takes place when either the Rahu or Ketu planets are positioned with wrong alignments in the horse. The placement of Rahu and Ketu in the 2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th planets leads to the origin and aggravation of Sarpa or Naga dosha. Nishidda Karma, or the actions we perform in our past life, is one of the primary reasons behind Sarpa or Naga dosha.


Significance of Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam


Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam is one of the most potent remedies to end the destructive influence of Sarpa or Naga dosha. This fire ritual assists in pleasing Uragaraja devata. Uragaraja was one of the leading figures renowned as the king of snakes. Worshipping Uragaraja devata eliminates the dangerous Sarpa or Naga dosha from the roots. In this Homam, the mantra Jaap is dedicated to please Uragaraja and fire rituals are performed.


Boons of Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam


Here are a few prominent windfalls of Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam-


  • Uragaraja Maha Mantra Homam brings the blessings of the great snake Lord Uragaraja in life.

  • The Homam annihilates all the sarpa doshas and related sufferings.

  • This fire ritual is potent in destroying the Ketu effect from the horoscope.

  • The Homam removes all the poor effects of the Rahu planet from the horoscope.

  • It brings immense happiness and glory in life.

  • The Homam cherishes with sheer abundance and glory.

  • This Homam also assists in solving infertility problems and blesses healthy and happy progeny.

  • One of the most appealing benefits of this Homam is that it removes the ill effects of Naga Dosha for the generations to come.

  • This Homam enriches life with stability and positivity.

  • It brings an optimistic atmosphere as the powerful aura of this Homam destroys the negative energies.

  • The Homam guards life against all the destructive influences.


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