Kala Bhairava Jayanti

Kala Bhairava Jayanti is one of the most renowned festivals. It is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm, especially by Shiva followers. Kala Bhairava Jayanti is also quite profound as Kalashtami. It is celebrated on the Ashtami Tithi in Krishna Paksha of Margashirsha month. This day beholds the appearance of Shiva as Kala Bhairava, which is also one of the toughest avatars of the great Lord Shiva. Kala Bhairava Jayanti is the day that sanctifies the birth of great Shiva as Kala Bhairava.

Significance of Kala Bhairava Jayanti

  • Kala Bhairava Jayanti is commemorated across India and the Shiva followers across the globe. Kala Bhairava Jayanti carries a very mythological aspect.
  • It defines a turbulent relationship between Lord Brahma, creator of the universe, and great God Shiva. The tales say that Lord Brahma became quite arrogant and defiant as he started dominating all sages and devas. He started taking immense pride in the fact that he is the sole builder of this immense universe. He also misbehaved with Shiva along with other prominent godheads. It enraged Shiva, and he decided that he would teach Brahma a memorable lesson.
  • Afterward, Shiva took the form of Kala Bhairava. He appeared in Kala Bhairava avatar with only the mindset of teaching Brahma a very harsh lesson.
  • He also slashed one out of five heads of Brahma. It further propelled the problem for Shiva as he committed a big sin of shaving the head of the creator of the universe.
  • The divine forces punished him, and he had to travel to Kashi to eliminate the binding of his guilt. He became free of his crime at Kashi. This incident shook Brahma, and he also realized his mistake and further apologized to supreme Shiva. This important tale formulates the base of great Kala Bhairava Jayanti.

Rituals of Kala Bhairava Jayanti

  •  Now we know the incredible impact of Kala Bhairava Jayanti. Let’s unveil how to celebrate this great occasion
  • The first thing on Kala Bhairava Jayanti is to take a bath and clean the temple area. Then worshippers can proceed with a regular puja with a special mention of Kala Bhairava on his birth ceremony.
  • One can keep a strict fast to appeal to Lord Kala Bhairava. Some extremely devoted worshippers of Lord Shiva chant mantras while night and keep strict surveillance to celebrate the day with even more momentum.
  • One of the significant rituals linked with Kala Bhairava Jayanti is the recitation of Kala Bhairava Katha. People sit in groups and recite the iconic Katha and glorify the extraordinary actions of shiva.
  • The dog is the animal on which Kala Bhairava transcends the world. Thus, it is very promising to feed dogs to Kala Bhairava Jayanti with milk and other food items.

Boons of celebrating Kala Bhairava Jayanti

  • Kala Bhairava Jayanti is a very auspicious occasion; celebrating this great day with complete dedication can result in tremendous boons for the devotees.
  • Worshippers can ascertain the bliss of Shiva and Parvati blessings. They can gain reasonable control over their anger. Lord Shiva is one of the supreme godheads and is very easy to please with great dedication and pious feelings. His blessings will add more peace and delight to life.
  • People worship Kala Bhairava to get great powers and control over their life. He blesses his devotees with the power of distinction in good and bad actions. He guides the worshippers in leading a happy and fulfilling path. This year in 2021, Kala Bhairava Jayanti will fall on 27th November. Celebrate the great day by idolizing Kala Bhairava with pure intentions and attain his blessings.

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