Kali Jayanti

Goddess Kali is ferocious, bold and invincible. She is regarded as the goddess who possesses great cosmic powers and is an ultimate decider of death and time. Kali Jayanti is celebrated to glorify the importance of Kali Devi. The day remarks the venerated Goddesses Kali. She is considered very important in Indian mythology as she embodies the conversion of Goddess Durga into Kali.

Significance of Kali Jayanti

Goddess Kali is the first Devi in Mahavidyas. The main motive behind celebrating Kali Jayanti is to glorify the supernatural powers of the deity. Kali Devi is mighty and is born to kill devils. There was a mighty demon called Raktabija, who was eternal. He was very dangerous and is famous for distressing sages, gods and people.

He got a boon from the creator of god Brahma which made him immortal. Brahma gave him the blessing that if someone kills him, then he will emerge from a drop of blood that will fall on earth.

Lord Brahma gave him rewards that many demons like him will originate from his drops of blood. No other god could finish Raktabija, and then goddess Kali came into force. She gathered all her courage and shaved the head of Raktabija and drank all the blood which came out of his body. It finished Raktabija from the root.

After killing the monster, Goddess Kali started taking pleasure in her victory by dancing her heart and tormenting everything present around her. Her destruction disturbed other godheads too, and they came to analyse the situation. But nothing could stop the madness of Kali. Great Lord Shiva was initially enjoying the performance of Goddess as he is a big adorer of dancing. But later, he became distressed and laid in the way of Goddess to stop her madness. Kali is an integral form of Durga or Maa Parvati. When she found her husband in her legs, she tensed and stopped her tandava. It is one of the most critical legends linked with Goddess Kali.

Rituals of Kali Jayanti

On Kali Jayanti, first, take a bath and clean the puja place. Prepare a neat asan and place a Kali Devi sculpture on it. Then do tilak of Devi Kali and bestow flowers to her. Begin the puja by chanting the Kali mantra. Repeat the mantra 108 times during the puja ceremony. Devote special prasad to Devi Kali and then distribute it after puja. Doing Kali path on Kali Jayanti with your whole heart helps in fulfilling long pending wishes. Reciting Adi stotram on Kali Jayanti is very promising, and it strengthens the intent of conducting Kali puja to whole new folds.

Boons of Kali Jayanti

Goddess Kali is similar to Lord shiva when it comes to pleasing her. Goddesses can be gratified easily by dedicated and determined worship. She blesses her devotees with the utmost powers to combat the wicked forces of the world.

  • If one wants to accomplish something great in life, it is advised to worship goddess Kali to attain her pious blessings.
  • Goddess Kali helps in being fit and agile. She blesses her worshipers with a positive lifestyle.
  • Devi Kali endows excellent powers to fight the complexities of the world.
  • One can become indomitable and attain miraculous powers to overcome hostile forces by Goddess Kali’s worship.
  • Kali Jayanti puja is perfect for staying away from evil supernatural powers. One can fight the catastrophic implications of ghosts and spirits by isolating Kali Devi.

Celebrating Kali Jayanti will eradicate all kinds of negativity from one’s life. Goddess Kali is known to absorb all the pains and evil energies. She radiates courage, audacity and a solid mindset to combat the implications of catastrophic events.

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