Kalki Homam

Kalki Homam – To Protect from Evil effects in Life

Kalki Avatar” is a Vishnu’s last manifestation as Kalki “Lord Venkateshwara” to demolish the Kali Yuga (Universe). Vedic Scripture and Kalki purna says that Kalki takes on toward the end of the Kali Yuga and executes malice individuals and decimate the Kali Yuga “world”. Lord Kalki is also known by one more name called Lord Venkateswara. Lord Kalki has three souls one spirit is Vishnu to protect “Kali Yuga” world other one is Lord Shiva to devastate the Kali Yuga (Universe) the last soul is Brahma to make Satya Yuga (Next world). So Kalki – Lord Venkateswara do every one of the three parts so that Lord Kalki will have three souls.

Why Kalki Homam?

Lord Kalki (Lord Venkateswara) is said to be the Lord of world (universe) will appear with white horse with a shining sword in his hand which will safeguard the world from disorders and protect the people from the evil forces in their life.

Benefits of Performing Kalki Homam

  • Kalki Homam is favourable one to get relief from any sorts of troubles in life.
  • Since Lord Kalki is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu by performing this kalki homam leads to get blessing from Lord Vishnu.
  • Performing Kalki Homa with strong belief tends to safeguard from black magic or evil spirits.
  • Kalki homam is most importantly protecting the universe from pain and troubles.

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