Karadaiyan Nombu Puja

Karadaiyan Nombu is otherwise called ‘Savitri Nombu Vritham’ a significant celebration for the married women. On this day, ladies offer petitions for the life span and prosperity of their spouses. Karadaiyan Nombu is seen on a Meena Sankranti day when the change happens between two Tamil months, in particular, Panguni and Masi. It is seen precisely when the long stretch of March( Masi) closes and the period of Panguni starts. Ladies watch a severe quick on this day and an exceptional dining experience is set up for the event.

“Karadai” is a unique contribution to Goddess Parvati, a day of otherworldly significance saw by ladies who are hitched, confronting an auspicious demise of her better half. “Nombu” indicates “fasting” and strictly named ‘upvasam or vratam’.

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How To Perform Karadaiyan Nombu Puja

Fasting is a significant custom of Karadaiyan Nombu. Hitched ladies watch a quick from the dawn. The quick is broken after the puja customs by eating the one of a kind Karadai arrangement with margarine in the late night. The quick is broken whenever in the late after early afternoon or night. An uncommon naivedyam is arranged and is known as ‘Karadai Nombu Adai.’ according to the legendary stories, Savitri arranged this extraordinary dish and offered it with margarine to Lord Yama, God of Death, as a thanksgiving signal for restoring the life of Satyavan. Ladies venerate Goddess Gauri and offer Karadaiyan Nombu Naivedyam to satisfy her and Mantras are recited at the hour of offering to Goddess Parvati. Another noteworthy custom on Karadaiyan Nombu is wearing the yellow shaded string alongside a little blossom around the neck, which is alluded to as ‘Karadai Nombu Saradu.’ This string is tied to the prosperity of spouses. Ladies likewise enliven their homes with Rangoli.

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Significance Of Karadaiyan Nombu Puja

Karadaiyan Nombu is a noteworthy custom that is essentially seen by hitched ladies in the southern districts. The recognition of Karadaiyan Nonbu is done in recognition of ‘Satyavan-Savitri’s story. As indicated by the inheritance, Savitri was a princess who with her most extreme dedication towards her better half, Satyvan, spared him from the grasp of death. This story is exceptionally mainstream in India and there are barely any other Hindu celebrations dependent on this legend, for example, ‘Tank Savitri Puja’. The celebration of Karadaiyan Nombu is seen by wedded ladies for the thriving and long existence of their spouses though unmarried young ladies keep this recognition to get their decision of husband.

Benefits Of Karadaiyan Nombu Puja

  • Conquer leaps throughout everyday life, Bless euphoria and joy.
  • Expel underhanded spirits and negativities.
  • Favor bounty and thriving.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from sudden passing, favor life span.
  • Favor ailment free life, expel ailment.