Karadaiyan Nombu

When Women Dedicate Prayers To Their Husbands

Karadaiyan Nombu is one of the famous festivals of fasting observed in honour of Satyavan and Savithri. Savithri saved her husband Satyavan from death through her devotion. So, this observance is also known as Savithri Vratham.

On this day, most of the married women observe fasting and worship for the well-being and long life of their spouse. Karadaiyan Nombu falls exactly in the time when Tamil month ‘Masi’ ends and the ‘Panguni’ month starts. This year, it falls on 14th March 2018. Women start this Vrat from sun rise and end on the sunset with special pujas and rituals. They break the fast by consuming the Karadai (rice and dal) preparation with pure butter by chanting simple mantras or shlokas. They wear a yellow thread around their neck at the time of chanting the shlokas. The reason for observing Vrat on this day is that Savithri requested Lord Yama (God of Death) to save her husband Satyavan’s life. Married women observe fast on this day for long life of their husbands and unmarried women also observe this Vrat and worship the Goddess to get perfect life partner. Special prayers are offered to Goddess Gowri Devi (Goddess Parvati) on this day. Those who are not able to observe Vrat or puja on Karadaiyan Nombu day can observe Vrat and perform puja in the auspicious time of the following Tuesday or Friday in Panguni month.

How Savithri Restores The Life Of Satyavan

A princess, Savithri was born as the daughter of King Asrapathi. Savithri was the only child of her parents. After she attained the age of marriage, she told her father that she would herself find a suitable life partner for her. While on the lookout, she ends up in a forest where she sights her prospective husband cutting wood in the forest.  She falls in love and wants to marry him. But a place astrologer warns them that Satyavan would die within a year of the wedding. Despite being warned, Savithri marries Satyavan. As per the prediction, the last day of Satyavan’s life arrived. On that fateful day, Satyavan goes to the forest with Savithri to collect fruits and firewood. He returns feeling very tired and falls asleep forever on her lap. As he closes his eyes, a figure on a buffalo mount appears in front of Savithri. She identifies the figure as that of Lord Yama. She worships him immediately and asks him the purpose of his visit. The God of Death replies to her that the life span of Satyavan has come to an end and that he has to take his soul to the other world.  Lord Yama starts walking away with Satyavan’s soul. She leaves the dead body of her husband under the tree and starts following Lord Yama. Yama warns her not to follow him to Yama Loka was accessible only for departed souls. But, she continues to follow the soul of her husband.

Special Offerings To Deities On Karadaiyan Nombu

Lord Yama could not stop her from following Satyavan’s soul. He decided to grant three wishes on the condition that she gives up her task. Savithri agreed and asked him that her in-laws get back their lost kingdom as the first boon. Lord Yama agreed. She was the only child of her parents. So, her second wish was her parents get more children. Lord Yama agreed. For the last boon, she asked that she should have many children and that was also granted by him. After accepting the last boon, Lord Yama realized that he had been tricked into granting Satyavan’s life as a noble woman like Savithri cannot have children without the husband. Lord Yama restores the life of Satyavan. Savithri returns back to the place where she had left the body of her husband. By the boon she got from Lord Yama, Satyavan got his life back. Savithri narrates the events to Satyavan. She immediately cooks naivedya with available ingredients (rice and dal) to offer her thanks to the Gods and ties the yellow thread (Mangal sutra) once again as Satyavan had gets back his life for the second time. They offered durva grass and peepal leaves. Savithri offered naivedya with wild rice (kaar arisi) and dal (toor dal). This offering is known as Karadai Nombu adai. It is also believed that Savithri offered unmelted butter with rice and dal to Lord Yama as thanks giving for restoring her husband’s life.

Shodasa Mahalakshmi Worship On Karadaiyan Nombu Grants 16 Types Of ‘Aishwaryam’ & Ensures Long Life Of Husbands

On the auspicious day of Karadaiyan Nombu, devotees worship Goddess Gowri and all her other forms mainly Maha Lakshmi and Saraswathi and tie the sacred thread around their neck for the well being of their husbands. For the unmarried, it brings ‘Mangalya bagyam’ (marriage prospects).

Shodasa means 16 and each of the forms grant fame, knowledge, courage, strength, victory, good children, valour, gold, food grains, happiness, intelligence, bliss, beauty, high achievements, greater thinking and knowledge, morality and ethics, good health and long life. By offering special rituals on Karadaiyan Nombu, Goddess Mahalakshmi can be easily pleased and grants 16 types of prosperity and ensures the long life of their spouses.