Karma Remedial Services

While enjoying the status of being a celebrity is the most precious thing in life, the downfall can be a living hell. The fear of falling down the ladder is inherent in the minds of most of the celebrities.

In case there is a slight indication that things are not in your favor, it is recommended to opt for Karma Remedial Services at Vedic Folks. We have specialized remedial services for our celebrity clients.


Conducting Homams at the home or office of the celebrity can yield the desired results. It is not just the results but the time frame that amazes most. Yes, the results of performing homams are instantaneous. We stress on this because we understand that a celebrity needs immediate and constructive results.


Altering the home or office will be recommended for clients opting for our Vasthu services. We have Vasthu experts who make the necessary changes after a thorough analysis of the clients’ Karma and the situation on hands. Vasthu changes will also bring in immediate results so most celebrities opt for this.

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