Krishna Jayanti

Krishna Jayanti is one of the most beautiful occasions. This festival is celebrated with great vitality across India. This festival is also prominently known as Janmashtami, Yadukula Ashtami, Sree Jayanti or Gokulashtami. It remarks the birth of majestic Lord Krishna. He is one of the most supreme godheads. Krishna is worshipped with utmost love and affection in not just India but all across the globe. Lord Krishna is the eighth supreme avatar of the great godhead Vishnu.  He was born on the eighth day that is the Ashtami of the Krishna paksha in the sacred month of Shraavana.

Rituals of Krishna Jayanti

There are certain rules and regulations which are followed while observing Krishna Jayanti. The revelries begin with the Ganesh puja. The festivities of this day vary from state to state. Mostly, Krishna Jayanti takes place in the series. On one day his birth takes place and generally the next day his birth is celebrated by observing fests like Dahi handi. In Dahi handi, a grand procession is organized across the cities in which a pot filled with butter, curd and other savouries is prepared. People participate and break that pot and celebrate the joy of Lord Krishna’s birth. Krishna Jayanti is celebrated for two days because there exist two popular beliefs about Krishna’s birth.  Vaishnavas ascertain that Krishna was born on Ashtami in Bhadrapada month. The people of Nandgaon believe that mighty Krishna’s birth took place on eight-day right from the full moon day in Shravan month.

Ardent devotees of lords Krishna also observes fasts. They open their fast generally around midnight when the birth of Lord Krishna takes place. They bestow prayers to Krishna with an adamant heart. In Krishna Jayanti, eminent stories from Bhagawat Geetha are narrated. The stories which glorify the grandeur of Krishna are listened to with sheer dedication and fondness. In South India, festivals like maha annadanam or a grand feast are executed to celebrate Krishna Jayanti. There also takes place sessions to feed food to Elephants.

Significance of Krishna Jayanti

There lies a very marvelous story behind Krishna Jayanthi celebrations. Let’s unveil it. Krishna is the eighth son of King Vasudeva and Devaki. Kansa, brother of Devaki and king of Mathura, wanted to kill the eighth child of Devaki or Krishna. It is because according to a prognosis, Kansa will be killed by that child, Kansa killed all the children of Devaki and Vasudeva. But he couldn’t kill Krishna as he was an avatar of mighty Vishnu. Vasudeva protected him, exchanging him with the Gokul’s head Nanda and his wife Yashoda’s son. And, eventually, Lord Krishna grew up and killed Kansa.

Boons of Krishna Jayanti

There are a good number of windfalls of idolizing the festivities during Krishna Jayanti. Following are the few most prominent ones

  • Krishna Jayanti celebrations will bring peace and harmony to the house.
  • Lord Krishna protects his sincere devotees from going on the wrong path. He guides them in the right direction by counselling them at every stage of life. Krishna Jayanti will help in pleasing the mighty lord Krishna.
  • His worship will remove all the negativity from life bringing in good vibes,  fortune and happiness.
  • Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations will fetch good reasons to live life. Supreme Lord Krishna prevents his devotees from the clutches of exhaustion and negative mindset.
  • Krishna also benefits his worshipers by endowing them abilities to formulate good decisions in life.

Ascertain all these boons by celebrating the beautiful occasion of Krishna Jayanti with sheer grandeur and grace. It will bring a plethora of positivity and prosperity to your life.

Benefits of Performing Lord Krishna Homam on Krishna Jayanti

Why Supreme Krishna Homam?

According to ancient Vedic texts, lord Krishna is considered as a protector of earth who shows ways for living a problem less life.
•    Krishna homam is a suitable one for those who want to reduce karmic issues and doshas in a horoscope.
•    It eliminates the negative influences of planets to get relief from various types of problems.
•    Moreover, it is possible to reduce sins with this homam by meeting essential requirements.
•    Anyone who wants to attain success in all endeavors can choose Krishna homam for achieving goals.

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