Krishna Mantra


According to ancient Vedic texts, lord Krishna is considered as a protector of earth who shows ways for living a problem less life.

•    Krishna homam is a suitable one for those who want to reduce karmic issues and doshas in a horoscope.
•    It eliminates the negative influences of planets to get relief from various types of problems.
•    Moreover, it is possible to reduce sins with this homam by meeting essential requirements.
•    Anyone who wants to attain success in all endeavors can choose Krishna homam for achieving goals.


Beej Mantra


Klim ||

Shastakshari Mantra


Klim Krishnaya Namah ||

Ashtakshari Mantra


Om Klim SriKrishnaya Namah ||

Dasakshari Mantra


Om Hlim Sleem Kleem SriKrishnaya Namah ||

Krishna Das – Avatar Mantra


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya |

Om Kleem Matsyaroopaya |

Om Kleem Koormarupaya |

Om Kleem Varaharoopaya |

Om Kleem Vamanarupaya |

Om Kleem Krishnaya |

Om Kleem Kalkine |

Jaya Jaya Salagrama nivasine |

Narayanaya swayambhuve purushaya Namah |

Om Kleem ||

How To Organize Supreme Krishna Homam

Supreme Krishna homam can be done with VedicFolks, a leading Vedic firm which offers best services. Expert priests will chant powerful mantras from Vedic texts along with fire rituals for experiencing positive energies. Online services are available for booking the homam in advance to plan the event depending on the requirements. Live TV shows are also offered after booking Supreme Krishna homam.

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