Kulachudamani Tantra 

Rare Ritual To Gain The Power Of Ashta Siddhis

Kulachudamani Tantra or Crest Jewel is considered to be Queen of all tantras among those who deal with the worship of Goddess Shakti. Kulachudamani Tantra is an agama in which the goddess answers questions of Lord Shiva in his divine form as Lord Bhairava. Here, Lord Shiva becomes a shisya (disciple) and Goddess Shakthi takes the role of Guru or Teacher.

Kulachudamani Tantra is a highly secret practice. In the conversation of Kulachudamani Tantra, Goddess says at the beginning that it may not be revealed to Lord Maha Vishnu, Lord Brahma or Lord Ganapathi.

Kulachudamani Tantra Is Superior Most Of All Tantras

The main deity of the Kulachudamani Tantra is Goddess Mahishamardini who resembles Goddess Durga. The Goddess answers the questions of Lord Shiva and explains in detail of her worship in Kulachudamani Tantra. The terrible side of worshipping the Goddess Tripura Sundari and Kali, animal sacrifices, creation of magical spirits, tantric techniques and then unify with goodness is also described in Kulachudamani Tantra.

Ashta Siddhis play a major role here. To the ashta siddhis rites, calming, conquering, immobilizing, protecting, removing and destroying are added to this Kulachudamani Tantra. The word ‘Kula’ means a family and in the technical sense the word Kula means multiple universes.  According to the Vaidikachara tantra, Vaisakhachara tantra is higher than Vaidikachara tantra, Shaivachara tantra is higher rank than the Vaishnavachara tantra, Dakshinachara tantra is higher than the Shaivachara tantra, Vamachara tantra is higher than the Dakshinachara tantra, Siddhantachara tantra is higher than the Vamachara tantra and finally the Kulachudamani tantra is superior to all the tantras.

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Mahishamardini – Goddess Who Destroys Mahishasura

Goddess Mahishamardini, a form of Goddess Durga is the supreme goddess of the Universe, has different forms and appearance. She is considered as the powerful aspect of the Divine Mother. Goddess Mahishamardini is well known for destroying the buffalo demon Mahishasura. The demon Mahishasura troubled all devas and Gods and they appealed to trinities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to help them. The three gods combined their supreme powers into one and created the feminine Goddess Durga. After the big battle, Goddess Durga slays the demon Mahishasura’s head, which is why she’s called Mahishamardini, the destroyer of buffalo demon Mahishasura. Goddess Mahishamardini establishes goodness and removes evil after tasting success in the war.

The worship of Goddess Mahishamardini has continued for more than thousands of years. Mahishamardini Temple in Kadiyali, Udupi is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Goddess Mahishamardini. She has eight arms. She holds the Sudarsana Chakra (discus) in her upper right hand and in upper left hand she holds the sangu (conch) and in her lower right hand she holds the Trishul (Trident). In the other hand, she carries several powerful weapons. The head of buffalo demon Mahishasura has fallen and she stands on top of it.

Why Perform Kulachudamani Tantra Homam On Sapthami

Kulachudamani Tantra is one of the powerful techniques to remove all doshas in your horoscope. By performing Kulachudamani Tantra ritual, you will get the divine protection and blessings of all gods. And also, it will help to brighten path and destroy negative influences.

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