Leo horoscope 2017


The symbol is Lion and it is the 5th sign in the zodiac calendar. Leo born are assertive, strong, proud, self confident, courageous, born leaders, knowledgeable, philanthropic, forgiving, honest, charismatic, generous, affectionate, impressive, ambitious, overbearing, chivalrous, outspoken, loud, brash, grand, lead grandiose lifestyle, aesthetic, materialistic, dignified, organized, idealistic, creative, enthusiastic, warm hearted, status conscious.
RulingPlanet: Sun

LuckyDay: Sunday
LuckyNumbers: 1, 4, 10, 19, 22
LuckyColour: Gold, Orange, White, Red
LuckyStone(s): Sardonynx, Diamond, Amber, Ruby
LuckyTalisman: Heart and the Ladybird in Metal Gold
Positive Qualities: Magnanimousness, Self-awareness, Dignity, Exhibiting majesty or Grand, Optimism, Romantic, Aristocrat, Dedicated.
Negative Qualities: Ferocious, Arrogance, Impatience, Braggart.
Compatible Signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra.


Good health with correct medication is indicated for this year. You will see some fluctuations in health during the year which can be kept under control with right diet and correct medications as prescribed by a doctor. You are susceptible to back pain, heart ailments and spine problems. Ideal foods for you are which are high in carbohydrates. Raw egg yolk, asparagus, figs, lemons, coconut, peaches, sunflower seeds and apples will do them a world of good. Honey and meat are necessities. You should eat a lot of vegetable for the iron content. Goat’s milk is rich in whey protein, and having it regularly will keep them strong. They should consider including heart healthy foods in their diet, such as blueberries, oatmeal and salmon.  Take lot of water to bring down the heat of the body. Take plenty of fruit juices of watermelon, seetaphal, leeches, pomegranate and avocado. Intake of fruit juices will keep you fresh with increased vigour and stamina and also clean the toxins the human body. Take noni juice with lot of water for deep cleansing and removal of toxins. Early morning walk for 10 kms will bring down cholesterol and sugar levels. Learn the practice pathanjali yogasanas especially Surya Namaskar and combine with pranayama and gayatri mantra. Chanting the gayatri mantra everyday early morning after a bath is the best mantra for you who will remove all negativity and lead you towards success and prosperity and excellent health.

Career and Profession

You will have a wonderful year ahead career wise and professionally. Your hard work, talent, skill, knowledge will be recognized and suitably rewarded as promotion/increment/performance bonus. Work will progress satisfactority with all plans, goals, projections realized on time. Customers will be very happy and the management will be encouraging. Businessmen will see growth in sales, increased income, increased profits with good margins and payments will come with some extra effort clearing all arrears.

Finance and property

Excellent finances with surplus money in hand. Save for the future in bank deposits, government bonds, post office schemes like National Savings Schemes and one time premium in LIC. Property related matters like sale and purchase of property after September 2017.


1.    Chant the gayatri mantra after pranayama everyday early morning 108 times after a bath
2.    Donate to school having blind children on Sundays – you can get them chocolates and fruits
3.     Do annadanam as and when possible preferably everyday – get hot, fresh food to atleast one person everyday
4.    Wear a silver chain around the neck
5.    Plan a trip Tirumala Tirupathi and take the  blessings of Lord Balaji on any Saturday
Make a visit to Suryanar Temple, Aduthurai, near Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu – contact us a templefolks.com for more details


Gayatri Homam – please click the link below for more details