Lord Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga


Legacy of Lord Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga

  • Holy twelfth Jyotirlinga is Lord Ghrishneshwar is located in Shivalaya, in Verul. Once this place was a settlement of tribals named Nagas. A King by name Yela was hunting killing all animals which were living with Rishi’s, had to curse the king for his cruel attitude and his whole body is covered by insects.
  • The King wandered in the forest carrying the curse and went thirsty looking for water and finally located a water source which after consuming this holy water, his whole body turned pure, got rid of infested insects, was a miracle to the King.
  • He turned wise, did a severe penance for water to be available for the universe, wholeheartedly. Lord Brahma appeared before him, created a holy lake as Parashitha Teerth, named as Brahma Teerth Saravor, which is  popularly called as Shivalaya.
  • Once Goddess Parvati was in an happy mood of joy, love, leading an age of marriage was about to apply Cinnabar and Kesar, started mixing with water of Shivalaya in her left palm, using her right palm.
  • The Cinnabar which is Vermilion turned as Linga as Lord Shivalinga is a wonder to Goddess Parvati who got sensationally stuck, saw a radiated light flashing out before her. An energy of wonder Lord Shankara infused a light of liberation to this Linga using his trident, which was been stuck in a cave of snakes till now, was a place of hell and inauspiciousness.
  • When the Linga was liberated there emerged a glory from earth, a bubble of water which is Kasi Khanda.
  • Goddess Parvati after worshiping, attained the blessings and consecrated the glorying Linga in this place which is as per Purana is Lord Kumkumeshwar Jyotirlinga but later this is called as Lord Grishneshwara since it is appeared from the friction of Goddess Dhakshayani thumb, who is the Goddess Sati Devi, is none other than Goddess Parvati.
  • Once there lived a scholar by name Sudhaama with his wife Sudheha. The couple did not have children. Due to untoward circumstances, Sudheba threatened to commit suicide due to the torture remarks of neighbours, her sister Dhushma married Sudhaama promising no jealousy and split between the sisters.
  • After some years Dhushma was blessed with a son, who grown elder and got married too, while Sudhaama and Dhushma had treated Sudheba too, well.
  • But one day Sudheba out of jealousy had to throw Dhushma’s son into the lake nearby and Dhushma was depressed by Sudheba act. While she was in depression, she did not give up and she continued praying Lord Shiva as a routine.
  • She worshiped Lord Shiva as usual making one hundred Lingas by her hand as she does every day and Lord Shiva who got pleased by her worship first forgive Sudheba and her Sin of killing Dhushma son.
  • At same time, indeed she noted also her son standing by the side of the lake, nearby, who was given life by Lord Ghrishneshwar.
  • Out of this passionate grounds and Lord Shiva who is being compassionate and kind to the devotees and being patient to hear the grievances and depressions in life, Dhushma asked Lord Shiva to bless them ever and to remain in this place for the welfare of the humankind, remained gracefully in this place with the name Lord Dhushamesha Jyotirlinga, who is none other than Lord Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga.

Benefits of Performing Lord Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga Homam

  • Remove sufferance of Navagraha Doshas, Guru Doshas, Shani Doshas, Dasa Bhukti
  • Dispel sins, karmas, sufferings of Pitru Doshas, remove ignorance, bless creativity
  • Remove complexities in life, eases debt burdens, bestow happiness, prosperity
  • Intellectual abilities, skills and arts, brings plenty of wealth, incomes and gains
  • Attain path of meditation, yoga, divine time management skills, leadership traits


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