Lord Somnath Jyotirlinga

History of Lord Somnath

  • This temple is located in western coast of Gujarat. It is first among the twelve jyotirlinga shrine of Lord Shiva. It is the most important and famous pilgrimage as well as a tourist spot in gujarat.
  • It is said that, this temple was reconstructed several times in the past after being destroyed. The site of Somnath has always been a pilgrimage site from the ancient times and is said to be Triveni Sangam.
  • The story behind the temple is that  Soma, the Moon god, lost his lustre due to a curse from his father-in-law and he bathed in the sarasvati river at this temple to regain the beauty.
  • Today, the place where chandra worshipped Lord Shiva is known as Somnath which means “Lord of the Moon”. It is believed that moon is the brightest in this place. There is a pool which was created by the Deva in the past, it is said that if the devotees dip in this pool will get rid of all the sins.
  • The name of the town Prabhas, denoting Lustre, and other names Someshvar & Somnath arises from this traditonal tale.
  • This temple is located at such a place where there is no land in a straight line between Somnath seashore until Antartica. Somnath temple is till today in the Chaulukya style of architecture. It is said that this temple was destroyed and rebuilt 16 times.
  • Being the First Jyotirlinga, this is very powerful for the devotees who worship with a pure heart, the person get rid of all the sins & will attain salvation after death.

Benefits of Performing Somnath Jyotirlinga Homam

  • Get all the health benefits and have a disease free life
  • Get the blessings of Lord Shiva for an assured happy, health & prosperous life
  • To overcome problems in business and find success in it
  • To make losses into profits and achieve success in all endeavours
  • To attain health and longevity, find cure for physical abnormalities, mental disorders etc
  • To ward off malevolent planetary disturbances
  • To keep off ill effects of sorcery and witchcraft


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