Maha Meru

Maha Meru Brings Good Fortune, Wealth & Health

The Maha Meru Yantra is one of the world’s most ancient symbols. It has been used for good fortune, health, and wealth. Maha Meru Shree Yantra is the triangular representation of the great Chakra Yantra. It contains the divine energies of all other Yantra and it’s very auspicious when kept in temples, puja room and business places. Maha Meru Yantra bestows happiness, success, mental peace and harmony. It is believed that Maha Meru Yantra produces a huge amount of positive and divine energy and also it absorbs pollution. Maha Meru helps to stabilise and correct the financial growth and Vastu Dosha. It is strongly believed that Maha Meru Yantra was created by Trinities Lord Brahma-creator, Lord Vishnu-preserver and Lord Shiva-destroyer of the Universe respectively, who also controls the three worlds.

Worship Maha Meru with complete faith and devotion to get the blessings of fame, peace, power, happiness, wealth, prosperity, authority and success. It is highly beneficial to all humans living in Kali Yuga to help achieve well being and good fortune. In ancient times, many kings and political leaders have used Maha Meru Yantra for attaining financial success.

The Yantra Is An Abode Of Gods And Goddess

In the Maha Meru, the three circles are represented in three states – Creation, Preservation and Destruction, which is the symbol of the universe. According to Puranas, Sumeru Mountain (Mount Meru) balances the whole world. It is said that the Maha Meru Shree Yantra is the symbol of Mountain Sumeru. It is a very powerful Yantra which is placed in front of supreme Goddess Durga Devi who is worshipped in the form of Maha Meru Yantra. It is Goddess Durga’s divine abode. All the gods and goddesses are worshipped in it.

Why Amavasya Day Is Very Auspicious To Worship The Maha Meru 

How To Use The Maha Meru Yantra?

  • Keep the Maha Meru facing North direction or East direction.
  • Wash the Maha Meru with milk or rose water and clean the Yantra with dry cloth.
  • Apply pure sandalwood paste and kumkum powder in the middle and edges of the Yantra.
  • Pray to the Maha Meru with complete faith and devotion and offer flowers and fruits to Gods and place in front of it.
  • Light the ghee lamp or oil lamp and worship Maha Meru by offering pujas.
  • Chant the Maha Meru Mantra in front of Yantra.
  • You can also offer ‘prasad’ to the Yantra, it helps to bring good things in life.
  • It gives value to one’s life and it contains some mystical powers to alleviate certain issues.
  • Carry Maha Meru Yantra with you while travelling, so that you can feel secured and God’s protection follows you.

Removes Hurdles & Negativity, Improves Wealth

Many times we feel that our life is out of control. We are in a position of extreme stress, bad investments, insecure feelings and repeated failures. The geometry of sacred Maha Meru helps in clearing all the negativity in life and removes obstacles standing in our way of peace and harmony and makes everything good for us. The multi pyramid geometric framework of Maha Meru Yantra is in two or three dimension form. The double dimension form is a symbol of 9 intertwined triangles. The sacred geometry of Maha Meru Yantra has been proven to be a sacred symbol of good luck.

Maha Meru Shree Yantra opens doors to good fortune and brings positive vibration around you and power over your enemies. Worshipping Maha Meru brings success in business, improves wealth and prosperity. Remove negative impacts of planets, vastu dosha and graha dosha by offering special pujas and rituals to powerful Maha Meru Yantra.

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