Maha Shivratri is an important festival for Hindus who worship Lord Shiva. In the year 2020 the Maha Shivratri will come in the month of February. In the Indian culture, at once, there are used to be 365 celebrations in a year. At the end of the day, they simply required a reason to commend each day of the year. They were to celebrate different verifiable occasions, triumphs, or certain circumstances in life like planting, and gathering. For each circumstance there was a celebration. Be that as it may, Maha Shivratri is of an alternate importance.

Why We Are Celebrating Mahashivratri?

Maha Shivratri is devoted to Lord Shiva. According to Hindu mythology, on the day the devotees fast and offer the phase to Lord Shiva during night where,Maha Shivratri is commented as “the Great Night of Lord Shiva”. Another  auspicious event, Lord Shiva  married to  Goddess Parvathi, which day to celebrating the Maha Shivratri. 

Another Reason For celebrating The Maha Shivratri                             

In ancient times, Maha Shivratri was celebrated by Hindu religion who was “Shaivas.” Maha Shivratri is celebrated during night time by the devotees chanting sacred mantras to get the blessings from Lord Shiva and  Goddess Parvathi.  According to one legacy, poison by name as Samudra Manthan emerged from the ocean . This terrified the gods and demons as the poison was capable of destroying the entire world, and they ran to get the help from Lord Shiva. To protect the world from its evil effects, Lord Shiva drank the deadly poison but held it in his throat instead of swallowing it. This made this Lord Shiva throat turns to blue. So, his name was given as ‘Neelakanda’, by  generated character we are saving the universe  he consumes poisonous. Maha Shivratri is the celebration of this event by which Lord Shiva saved the world.

According to yet other legacy, Hindu Gods, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu was fighting over who was the superior of the two. Horrified at the intensity of the battle, Devas asked Lord Shiva to intervene. To make them realize the futility of their fight, Lord Shiva assumed the form of a huge column of fire in between Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Filled by its magnitude; they decided to find one end each to establish supremacy over the other. Lord Brahma assumed the form of a swan and went upwards and Lord Vishnu as Varaha (Avatar of Hindu god Lord Vishnu) went into the earth. But fire radiation has no limit and though they searched for extensively, neither could find the end. On his journey upwards, Lord Brahma came across a Ketaki blossoms wafting down slowly. When he asked where they come from, the Ketaki commented that she had been placed at the top of the fiery column as an offering. Unable to find the upper most limits, Lord Brahma decided to end his search and take the flowers as a witness. Both Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu diappointed by their search and revive Lord Shiva and they identify the ends falsify the earth drop. Lord Shiva learning the fact and they less to form and decided to destroy the universe with fire. Both the Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu surrounded with Lord shiva.

 Lord Shiva punished Lord Brahma for telling a lie, and cursed him that no one would ever pray to him. The Ketaki blossom too was banned from being used as an offering for any worship, as she had testified falsely. Since it was on the fourteenth day in the dark half of the month of Phalguna (the eleventh month of the year) that Lord Shiva first manifested himself in the form of a Lingas, the day is auspicious and is celebrated as Maha Shivratri. Worshipping Lord Shiva on the day of Maha Shivratri is believed to bestow one with happiness and prosperity.

Fasting Of People For Maha Shivratri      

Maha Shivratri is considered as an important for the devotion of Lord Shiva. Thousands of devotees fast on Maha Shivratri. As mentioned in the Puranas devotees, who involve in the fasting, they will be fully blessed with Lord Shiva. Fasting on Maha Shivratri commence in the morning and ends in the next morning. During fasting the devotees even don’t drink a single drop of water.

Do’s and Don’ts Do While Fasting

  1.  Avoid taking a food made up of pulse and wheat.
  2.  Take bath and be clean before fasting.
  3.  Devotees advised to take easily digestible food.
  4.  Devotees observe fasting for whole day until next morning.

Maha Shivratri Puja Along With Fasting

Spends the whole day for the devotion of Lord Shiva.  Visits nearby Lord Shiva temple and performs poojas at home.

Benefits Of Fasting On The Day Of Maha Shivratri

  1.  Purifies one’s soul.
  2.  Overcomes the obstacles and misfortunes.
  3.  Abundance of Wealth and prosperity.
  4.  Brings peace in life.