About  Maha Sudarshana 

Maha Sudarshana refers to the disc or chakra carried by the divine deity Vishnu. It is also an integral spiritual tool used by Lord Krishna. ‘Su’ implies divine, and Darshana refers to vision. It is also prominently called a disc of auspicious and pious vision; Maha Sudarshana helps people locate and develop a divine vision. The great Sudarshana acquires an essential characteristic called Pinda Pradanam, which bestows immediate relaxation from all discomforts and sufferings.  Maha Sudarshana was the cosmic wheel of Lord Vishnu with which he used to kill evil forces and eliminate sins. The concentric circles of Maha Sudarshana depict the Sun, Lagna and Moon.

About Lord Dhanvantari

Lord Dhanvantari is a supreme manifestation of the commanding Lord Vishnu. Being the earthly avatar of Lord Vishnu, the protection of the universe,  Dhanvantari protects his devotees from all malicious forces. The mighty God is revered as the Hindu god of medicines. He is deemed as the physician of all the godheads. Worshipping him with ardent devotion and commitments brings abundant health. One of the prominent legends linked with imperial Dhanvantari is from the great Samudra manthan. When the churning of the ocean took place, Lord Dhanvantari appeared from the water with the divine cup of elixir.

Significance of Maha Sudarshana and 

Lord Dhanvantari Homam

Maha Sudarshana and Lord Dhanvantari Homam attract the glorious blessings of godhead Sudarshana and Dhanvantari. The Homam draws the positive energies towards the doer. The fire ritual includes lightening a fire kund to attract the auspicious blessings and aura of Sudarshana and Dhanvantari deities. Various rituals in Homam include taking Sankalpa, chanting mantras and presenting devotional offerings.

Benefits of Maha Sudarshana and Lord Dhanvantari Homam

Maha Sudarshana Homam brings the glorious windfalls of Lord Narayana. It brings immense prosperity and bliss.  The Homa ritual brings material boons and abundance to devotees. It fulfils the worshipper’s life with optimism and positivity. The Homam eradicates all the evil energies and negative influences. The incredible ritual brings rejuvenation and grants harmonious health.  It removes planetary afflictions and doshas linked with the Sun, Moon and Lagna. This Homa ritual safeguards from enemies, black magic, sorcery and all negative elements. Unleash the zenith of success in business and education endeavours with this terrific Homam.

Lord Dhanvantari Homam grants courage and vitality to fight every catastrophic event. Accomplish significant milestones in life with this auspicious fire ritual. This Homam safeguards health like a rigid wall and even cures fatal health issues. This righteous ritual will keep acute, chronic diseases and disorders away from your body. It extends life span and keeps psychological to physical health issues away.  Unveil immense serenity and peace of mind with these Homam’s aid.  Greet affluent and prosperous health with this Homam.

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