Makara Jyothi

  • Makara Jyothi is the celebration of a star. The star is celebrated on grand levels in the glorious Sabarimala Temple. Lord Ayyappan appears as Makara Jyothi to bless his dedicated devotees. Every year, Makara Jyothi falls on 14th January.
  • The Jyothi is precisely light that comes three times on the famous Ponnambalamedu hills, four kilometres away from the Sabarimala temple. Makara Vilakku, a sanctified lamp, is the source of the pious Makara Jyothi.
  • The significant implication of this light denotes an extraordinary astrological change in our ecosystem. On Makara Jyothi, the constellation of Sagittarius alters and takes the form of Capricorn.

Significance of Makara Jyothi

  • There is a very prominent legend associated with the celebration of Makara Jyothi. The incident comes from Mahabharata. During the exile times, God Rama and his brother God Lakshman met a dedicated follower known as Sabari at the Sabarimala temple. Sabari was such a great disciple of Lord Rama that he offered fruits to them, but after tasting each of them, Rama got only sweet fruits and not the sour and bitter ones.
  • The pure intention of Sabari touched Rama’s heart. Afterwards, Lord Rama observed another man sitting calmly at a place and was doing a passionate Tapas. Lord Rama further enquired about him from the Sabari.
  • Sabari introduced that man to Rama and said he is Sasta. The day when these incidents took place is popularly celebrated as Makara Vilakku Day. It is the day when great lord Dharmasasta terminates his devoted tapas and reaps blessings for his devotees.

Rituals of Makara Jyothi

  • Every year a good number of people visit Sabarimala on 14th January and witness the great light. This light is considered very auspicious as it is regarded as Lord Ayyappa. Devotees contribute prayers by perceiving the light. However, there is a very dominant debate whether light is natural or created.
  • But the argument doesn’t break the belief of devotees about the significance of Makara Jyothi. They continue to visit the Sabarimala temple to bestow prayers and offerings.
  • People also conduct special pujas to celebrate the great day of the Makara Jyothi. The festival also aligns with the great Makar Sankranti festival.
  • Every year, the Sabarimala temple witnesses a tremendous surge in the people visiting the temple for observing the prestige of Makara Jyothi. A special abhishekam is also organized to seek the pious blessings of Lord Ayyappa.
  • The occasion of Makara Jyothi takes place with great longing and fondness across India. Devotees chant mantras and organize a feast in the name of Lord Ayyappa after observing Makara Jyothi. Devotees undertake a pilgrimage round or get into trekking to follow the scenic and prosperous Makara Jyothi.

Boons of Makara Jyothi

  • The worshipping of Makara Jyothi helps in changing the lives of the worshippers. It adds more grace and vitality to the lives of the devotees.
  • Worshippers can seek immense prosperity and abundance by idolizing Lord Ayyappa as Makara Jyothi.
  • Lord Ayyappa blesses devotees to live a healthy, happy and nurturing life.
  • Makara Jyothi reduces the harmful and malicious impacts on life.
  • One can also get rid of the constellation defects by observing the pujas and abhishekas of Makara Jyothi.
  • Lord Ayyappa’s energies help in creating a fine amalgamation between the body and soul. It further reinforces positivity in people and helps them in leading life with an optimistic attitude.
  • Devotees can align their mindset by seeking the bliss of Makara Jyothi.

Seek all this contentment by involving in Makara Jyothi celebrations. The light is highly precious and reaps excellent windfalls for people. It signifies the presence of great Lord Ayyappa.