Mantra for the Relief from Enemies and Ghosts


There are the two purpose of this Mantra:


If you are being attacked by enemy, you recite the following Mantra for 108 times by closing both your hands and attack the enemy. Enemy will run away.


If any child or woman is under the influence of any Ghost or the evil forces recite the following mantra for 108 times by closing your hands and shake the person affected. Do this both morning and evening until one is relieved of the ghosts.


Mantra for the Relief from Enemies and Ghosts - Vedicfolks

Mantra for the relief from enemies and ghosts


Worship Maa Pratyangira devi, Goddess Bagalamukhi and Chandi to overcome enemy problems and ghosts. They shower blessings to overcome black magic, evil forces, and all negative effects. Devotees can perform Bagalamukhi Homam and Pratyangira homam  also help in resolving problems of enemies and ghosts.



Om HreemA – Si – Aa – U – Sa Sarva Dushtaana Sthambhaya – Sthambhaya

Mohaya – Mohaya Andhaya – Andhaya Mookvath – Kaaraya

Kuru Kuru Hreem Dushtaana Ta: ta: Ta:



Before the letters Ta: Ta: Ta:, There is a word Dushtaana. If you know the name of the enemy coming for attack or you know which type of ghosts is influencing, mention the name in place of dushtaana.