Mantra for the removal of evil effects of  

  Nine Planets


Recite the following Mantra  for the removal of evil effects of nine planets for 10000 times. Concerned Mantra is indicated against each planet.

For the removal of evil effects of all the effects of all the Nine Planets, recite the following five Mantra Simultaneousl


Mantra for removal of Evil Effects of Nine Planets - Vedicfolks

Mantra for removal of Evil Effects of Nine Planets


Mantra for removal of evil effects:


Mantra for the Sun and Mars               –                      Om Hreem Namo Siddhaanam

Mantra for Moon and Venus                –                      Om Hreem Namo

                                                                                                            Arahan – thaanam

Mantra for Mercury and Jupitar         –                      Om Hreem Namo Uvajhaayaanam

Mantra for Saturn, Rahu and Ketu   -                      Om Hreem Namo Loye Savvasahoonam


Pratyangira Devi Homam makes us free from any sort of negative strength like black magic, Misfortune events, hindrances, oppositions, enemies and evil eye. Pratyangira Homa becomes armor and protects you from disease, debts, jealousy, envy, ego, bad karma, other unsolvable problems etc. Anyone who wants to get protection from their enemies should perform this homam.

Navagraha homam provides methods for recovering from bad effects to live a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.  Moreover, this homam gives ways for overcoming potential threats and risks to a wider extent.  It helps for getting blessings from nine gods to ensure success in all endeavors by reducing obstacles.  Also, this homam is a suitable one for gaining more knowledge and wisdom.


Mantra for removal of evil effects of Nine Planets:


Recite the following Mantra everyday for 108 times. This Mantra removes all evil effects of Nine Planets.


Om Namo Arahanthaanam Hraam Swaahaa |

Om Namo Siddhaanam Hreem Swaahaa |

Om Namo Aayariyaanam Hroom Swaahaa |

Om Namo Uvajhaayaanam Hrowm Swaahaa |

Om Namo Loye Sava – Sahoonam Hra Swaahaa  ||